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A resource for SAQA Reps to introduce Studio Art Quilt Associates to quilt guilds around the world.


  • 1. An Introduction to
    Nancy G Cook - Ankle Twister II

2. Studio
Do you have a place where you can
work on fibre art?
Do you create original work from your own design?
Do you create layered art with textiles and stitch?
Would you like to connect with other like-minded artists?
3. Studio
4. First, a few definitions .
5. What is a quilt?
6. When Is A Quilt
Art ?
7. What is an art quilt?
Quilt National'sdefinition:The work must possess the basic structural characteristics of a quilt.It must be predominantly fabric or fabric-like material and must be composed of at least two full and distinct layers - a face layer and a backing layer.
The face layer may be described by any or a combination of the following terms: pieced, appliqud, whole cloth, stitched/fused to a foundation.
The face and backing layers must be held together by hand- or machine-made functional quilting stitches or other elements that pierce all layers and are distributed throughout the surface of the work. At least some of these stitches or elements should be visible on the back of the work.
8. What is an art quilt?
SAQAs definition:
a contemporary artworkexploring and expressing aesthetic concerns common to the whole range of visualarts:
painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design, assemblage andsculpture,
which retains, through materials or technique,
a clear relationship to the folk art quilt from which it descends.
9. Do you think of your quilts as
fibre art?
10. If you do
11. You might like to know about . . .
New techniques
How to exhibit your work
How to photograph your work
Shows that you can enter
Having your work critiqued
The best way to price and market your work
Ways to network with other fibre artists from all around the world who do the kind of work you do
12. andif
13. Then you need
to know what
can do for you!
14. How do artists
from all over the world connect with one another?
15. Connecting with other artists
Daily, via Yahoo Group
Locally, at regional SAQA meetings
Nationally,at annual SAQA Conferences
A whole network awaits you
16. Connecting with other artists
- Daily, via Chat Group
17. Connecting with other artists
- Locally, at regional SAQA meetings
- Via regional blogs from your rep
18. Connecting with other artists

  • Keynote speakers

19. Panels 20. Mentorship opportunities 21. Studio tours 22. Art exhibitions 23. Workshops


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