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All about the S.A.T.


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2. A broadrange ofcontentHigh stakesAn essay in 25minutesRigidly timed 3. Know theSTRATEGIESKnow the TESTKnow the CONTENTapplicationof contentknowledgeto the testinstructionof conceptsand skills 4. Sections Timing Question Type and (#) 25-min. sectionsSentence Completions (19)One 20-min. section Reading Comprehension (48)MathematicsTwo 25-min. sections Multiple-Choice (44)One 20-min. section Grid-ins (10)WritingOne 25-min. section Identifying Sentence Errors (18)Improving Sentences (25)Improving Paragraphs (6)One 10-min. sectionOne 25-min. essayExperimental One 25-min. section Questions assess either CriticalReading, Math, or Writing Does not count toward score 5. Raw Score Students receive 1 point for every correct answer. For every incorrect answer to a MC question, they lose1/4 point. There is no guessing penalty for grid-in questions.Scaled Score Each section is scored 200-800. (Critical Reading,Writing, Mathematics) The maximum score is 2400. The average score is 1500. 6. What happens if a student guesses on five questions?Result:no gain, no loss.But if we could eliminate a few answers each time 7. norm-referenced vs. criterion-referencedSAT Distribution Curve200 300 400 500 600 700 800Section Score 8. 200 400 500 600 800 9. StudentIntroductionProvides a brief introduction to the SATUnit 1 Reading ComprehensionUnit 2 Sentence CompletionsMPT Mini Practice Test: Critical ReadingUnit 3 Grammar and UsageMPT Mini Practice Test: Grammar and UsageUnit 4 EssayMPT Mini Practice Test: EssayAppendix SAT Grammar & Vocabulary in a Nutshell 10. Read each statement and use your knowledge ofwhat you know about the S.A.T. at this time tochoose the correct answer. Choose true or false. Iffalse, explain why.1. You can type your response during the essaysection of the S.A.T.2. Answering a multiple choice question correctlyearns one point.3. One point is subtracted for answering amultiple choice question incorrectly.4. All questions in the Critical Reading andWriting Section are multiple choice.5. of a point is subtracted for every mistakemade in the essay section. 11. 6. The Critical Reading Section mainly testsvocabulary.7. Test takers are allowed to write in the S.A.T.test booklet.8. The writing portion of the S.A.T. is dividedinto three, 60-minute sections.9. Questions in the S.A.T. Critical ReadingSection are all arranged in order of difficulty.10. You must have prior knowledge of thesubjects of reading comprehension passages toanswer the questions correctly. 12. Congratulations.!You are finished with the introduction.Now you are ready to start learning some strategies.


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