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Math TestCalculator38 Questions

Turn to Section 4 of your answer sheet to answer the questions in this section.

DirectionsFor questions 1 through 30, solve each problem, choose the best answer from the choices provided, and fill in the corresponding circle on your answer sheet. For questions31 through 38, solve the problem and enter your answer in the grid on the answer sheet. Please refer to the directions before question 31 on how to enter your answers in the grid. You may use scratch paper for scratch work.

Notes1.The use of a calculator is permitted.2.All variables and expressions used represent real numbers unless otherwise indicated.3.Figures provided in this test are drawn to scale unless otherwise indicated.4.All figures lie in a plane unless otherwise indicated.5.Unless otherwise indicated, the domain of a given function f is the set of all real numbers x for which f of x is a real number.


Begin skippable figure descriptions.The figure presents information for your reference in solving some of theproblems.

Reference figure1 is a circle with radiusr. Two equations are presented below reference figure1.A equals pi times the square of r.C equals 2 pi r.

Reference figure2 is a rectangle with length and widthw. An equation is presented below reference figure2.A equals w.

Reference figure3 is a triangle with baseb and heighth. An equation is presented below reference figure3.A equals onehalfbh.

Reference figure4 is a right triangle. The two sides that form the right angle are labeled a and b, and the side opposite the right angle is labeledc. An equation is presented below reference figure4.c squared equals a squared plus b squared.

Special Right TrianglesReference figure5 is a right triangle with a 30degree angle and a 60degree angle. The side opposite the 30degree angle is labeledx. The side opposite the 60degree angle is labeledx times the squareroot of3. The side opposite the right angle is labeled2x.

Reference figure6 is a right triangle with two 45degree angles. Two sides are each labeleds. The side opposite the rightangle is labeled stimes the squareroot of2.

Reference figure7 is a rectangular solid whose base has length and widthw and whose height ish. An equation is presented below reference figure7.V equalswh.

Reference figure8 is a rightcircularcylinder whose base has radiusr and whose height ish. An equation is presented below reference figure8.V equals pitimes the square of rtimesh.

Reference figure9 is a sphere with radiusr. An equation is presented below reference figure9.V equalsfourthirds pi times the cube ofr.

Reference figure10 is a cone whose base has radiusr and whose height ish. Anequation is presented below reference figure10.V equals onethird times pi times the square of rtimesh.

Reference figure11 is an asymmetrical pyramid whose base has length and widthw and whose height ish. An equation is presented below reference figure11.V equalsonethirdwh.End skippable figure descriptions.

Additional Reference InformationThe number of degrees of arc in a circle is360.The number of radians of arc in a circle is 2pi.The sum of the measures in degrees of the angles of a triangle is180.

The S A TPage 1Copyright 2015 by the College BoardW F-5LSA07Question 1.A musician has a new song available for downloading or streaming. The musician earns $0.09 each time the song is downloaded and $0.002 each time the song is streamed. Which of the following expressions represents the amount, in dollars, that the musician earns if the song is downloaded dtimes and streamed stimes?A. 0.002d, plus 0.09sB. 0.002d, minus 0.09sC. 0.09d, plus 0.002sD. 0.09d, minus 0.002s

Explanation for question 1.

Question 2.A quality control manager at a factory selects 7lightbulbs at random for inspection out of every 400lightbulbs produced. At this rate, how many lightbulbs will be inspected if the factory produces 20,000lightbulbs?A.300B.350C.400D.450

Explanation for question 2.

Question 3 refers to the following equation. l equals 24 plus 3.5mQuestion 3.One end of a spring is attached to a ceiling. When an object of mass mkilograms is attached to the other end of the spring, the spring stretches to a length of lcentimeters as shown in the preceding equation. What is m when l is 73?A.14B.27.7C.73D.279.5

Explanation for question 3.

Questions 4 and 5 refer to the following information.The amount of money a performer earns is directly proportional to the number of people attending the performance. The performer earns$120 at a performance where 8people attend.Question 4.How much money will the performer earn when 20people attend a performance?A.$960B.$480C.$300D.$240

Explanation for question 4.

Question 5.The performer uses 43% of the money earned to pay the costs involved in putting on each performance. The rest of the money earned is the performers profit. What is the profit the performer makes at a performance where 8people attend?A.$51.60B.$57.00C.$68.40D.$77.00

Explanation for question 5.

Question 6.When 4times the numberx is added to 12, the result is8. What number results when 2timesx is added to7?A.negative 1B.5C.8D.9

Explanation for question 6.

Question 7 is based on the following equation. y equals xsquared, minus 6x plus 8Question 7.The preceding equation represents a parabola in the xyplane. Which of the following equivalent forms of the equation displays the xintercepts of the parabola as constants or coefficients?A. y minus 8, equals, x squared, minus 6xB. y plus 1, equals, parenthesis, x minus 3, close parenthesis, squaredC. y equals, x, parenthesis, x minus 6, close parenthesis, plus 8D. y equals, parenthesis, x minus 2, close parenthesis, times, parenthesis, x minus 4, close parenthesis

Explanation for question 7.

Question 8.In a video game, each player starts the game with kpoints and loses 2points each time a task is not completed. If a player who gains no additional points and fails to complete 100tasks has a score of 200points, what is the value of k?A.0B.150C.250D.400

Explanation for question 8.

Question 9.A worker uses a forklift to move boxes that weigh either 40pounds or 65pounds each. Let x be the number of 40pound boxes and y be the number of 65pound boxes. The forklift can carry up to either 45boxes or a weight of 2,400pounds. Which of the following systems of inequalities represents this relationship?A. open bracket, 40x plus 65y is less than or equal to 2,400; and, x plus y is less than or equal to 45.B. open bracket, the fraction x over 40, plus, the fraction y over 65, is less than or equal to 2,400; and, x plus y is less than or equal to 45.C. open bracket 40x plus 65y is less than or equal to 45; and, x plus y is less than or equal to 2,400.D. open bracket, x plus y is less than or equal to 2,400; and 40x plus 65y is less than or equal to 2,400.

Explanation for question 9.

Question 10.A function f satisfies f of 2 equals 3 and f of 3 equals 5. A function g satisfies g of 3 equals 2 and g of 5 equals 6. What is the value of f of, g of 3?A.2B.3C.5D.6

Explanation for question10.

Question 11 refers to the following table.Number of hours Tony plans to read the novel per day3

Number of parts in the novel8

Number of chapters in the novel239

Number of words Tony reads per minute250

Number of pages in the novel1,078

Number of words in the novel349,168

Question 11.Tony is planning to read a novel. The preceding table shows information about the novel, Tonys reading speed, and the amount of time he plans to spend reading the novel each day. If Tony reads at the rates given in the table, which of the following is closest to the number of days it would take Tony to read the entire novel?A.6B.8C.23D.324

Explanation for question11.

Question 12.On January1, 2000, there were 175,000tons of trash in a landfill that had a capacity of 325,000tons. Each year since then, the amount of trash in the landfill increased by 7,500tons. If y represents the time, in years, after January1,2000, which of the following inequalities describes the set of years where the landfill is at or above capacity?A. 325,000 minus 7,500, is less than or equal to yB. 325,000 is less than or equal to 7,500yC. 150,000 is greater than or equal to 7,500yD. 175,000 plus 7,500y, is greater than or equal to325,000

Explanation for question12.

Question 13.A researcher conducted a survey to determine whether people in a certain large town prefer watching sports on television to attending the sporting event. The researcher asked 117people who visited a local restaurant on a Saturday, and 7people refused to respond. Which of the following factors makes it least likely that a reliable conclusion can be drawn about the sportswatching preferences of all people in the town?A.Sample sizeB.Population sizeC.The number of people who refused to respondD.Where the survey was given

Explanation for question13.

Question 14 refers to the following figure.

Begin skippable figure description.The figure, titled Miles Traveled by Air Passengers in CountryX, 1960 to 2005, shows a graph of a scatterplot with the line of best fit. The horizontal axis is labeled Year and the years appearing on it from left to right are from 1960through 2010, in increments of 10years. There are vertical gridlines at every 5years. The vertical axis is labeled Number of miles traveled, in billions, and the numbers appearing on it from bottom to top are from 0 to 600, in increments of 100billion miles. There are horizontal gridlines at every 50billion miles. The scatterplot shows a cluster of data points that begins in the year 1960 at 30billion miles, extends upward and to the right, showing a pattern of line, and ends in 2005 at 590billion miles. The line of best fit extends in the pattern that the cluster shows. It starts from about 1961 at 0 miles and slants upward to the right, ending in 2010 at about 620billion miles.End skippable figure description.

Question 14.According to the line of best fit in the preceding scatterplot, which of the following best approximates the year in which the number of miles traveled by air passengers in CountryX was estimated to be 550billion?A.1997B.2000C.2003D.2008

Explanation for question14.

Question 15.The distance traveled by Earth in one orbit around the Sun is about 580,000,000miles. Earth makes onecomplete orbit around the Sun in one year. Of the following, which is closest to the average speed of Earth, in miles per hour, as it orbits the Sun?A.66,000B.93,000C.210,000D.420,000

Explanation for question15.

Question 16 refers to the following table.Results on the Bar Exam of Law School GraduatesPassed bar examDid not pass bar exam

Took review course1882

Did not take review course793

Question 16.The preceding table summarizes the results of 200law school graduates who took the bar exam. If one of the surveyed graduates who passed the bar exam is chosen at random for an interview, what is the probability that the person chosen did NOT take the review course?A. 18 over 25B. 7 over 25C. 25 over 200D. 7 over 200

Explanation for question 16.

Question 17.The atomic weight of an unknown element, in atomic mass units (amu), is approximately 20%less than that of calcium. The atomic weight of calcium is 40amu. Which of the following best approximates the atomic weight, in amu, of the unknown element?A.8B.20C.32D.48

Explanation for question 17.

Question 18.A survey was taken of the value of homes in a county, and it was found that the mean home value was $165,000 and the median home value was $125,000. Which of the following situations could explain the difference between the mean and median home values in the county?A.The homes have values that are close to each other.B.There are a few homes that are valued much less than the rest.C.There are a few homes that are valued much more than the rest.D.Many of the homes have values between $125,000 and $165,000.

Explanation for question 18.

Questions 19 and 20 refer to the following information.A sociologist chose 300students at random from each of two schools and asked each student how many siblings he or she has. The results are shown in the following table.Students Sibling SurveyNumber of siblingsLincoln SchoolWashington School






There are a total of 2,400students at LincolnSchool and 3,300students at WashingtonSchool.Question 19.What is the median number of siblings for all the students surveyed?A.0B.1C.2D.3

Explanation for question 19.

Question 20.Based on the survey data, which of the following most accurately compares the expected total number of students with 4siblings at the two schools?A.The total number of students with 4siblings is expected to be equal at the twoschools.B.The total number of students with 4siblings at LincolnSchool is expected to be 30 more than at WashingtonSchool.C.The total number of students with 4siblings at WashingtonSchool is expected to be 30 more than at LincolnSchool.D.The total number of students with 4siblings at WashingtonSchool is expected to be 900 more than at LincolnSchool.

Explanation for question 20.

Question 21.A project manager estimates that a project will take xhours to complete, where x is greater than 100. The goal is for the estimate to be within 10hours of the time it will actually take to complete the project. If the manager meets the goal and it takes yhours to complete the project, which of the following inequalities represents the relationship between the estimated time and the actual completiontime?A. x plus y is less than 10B. y is greater than x plus 10C. y is less than x minus 10D. negative 10 is less than y minus x, which is less than 10

Explanation for question 21.

Questions 22 and 23 refer to the following information. I, equals the fraction P over, 4pirsquared, end fractionAt a large distancer from a radio antenna, the intensity of the radio signalI is related to the power of the signalP by the preceding formula.Question 22.Which of the following expresses the square of the distance from the radio antenna in terms of the intensity of the radio signal and the power of the signal?A. r squared, equals, the fraction IP over 4piB. r squared, equals, the fraction P over 4pi,IC. r squared, equals, the fraction 4pi,I, over PD. r squared, equals, the fraction I over 4pi,P

Explanation for question 22.

Question 23.For the same signal emitted by a radio antenna, ObserverA measures its intensity to be 16times the intensity measured by ObserverB. The distance of ObserverA from the radio antenna is what fraction of the distance of ObserverB from the radio antenna?A. 1 over 4B. 1 over 16C. 1 over 64D. 1 over 256

Explanation for question 23.

Question 24 is based on the following equation. x squared plus y squared, plus 4x minus 2y, equals negative1Question 24.The preceding is...


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