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Sati International (SI)Mindfulness Awareness Restoration

The Purpose:

The purpose of SI is to create(1) A donation basedmeditation-retreat centerfor practitioners of theSatipatthana Vipassanalineage of Thai Buddhism(2) A research environmentwhere serious scientificstudies focused on thetransformative effect ofBuddhist mindfulness onhuman physical and mentalwell-being can be performed.

The Vision:

To be recognized as one of the foremost Satipatthana Vipassana retreat centers in the U.S.A offering a rigorous authentic experience for the serious practitioner as well as a center for advanced scientific research

A state of the art, thoughtfully designed facility with great attention to detail that embodies the latest thinking in green building and sustainability harmoniously placed in the Virginia countryside within 90 miles of Washington, DC

The Practice:

Satipatthana Vipassana is the name for the Buddhist meditation practice that focusses on knowing ultimate reality. Unlike the practice of Samatha it is not focused on achieving serenity.

At SI the retreatant will spend 10 or more days in silent semi-isolation under the watchful eye of an experienced monk who will guide the practitioner through mindfulness exercises designed to break down the inherent limitations of an ego centered life.

The Benefits:

Increased mental focusBetter cognitive skills and creative thinkingIncreased immunity to diseaseSense of emotional well being Freedom from addictionsReduced blood pressureMany others..

The Market:

According to the Pew Research Center 22.5% of Americans are unaffiliated with any church. The young especially are searching for a meaningful alternative to traditional religious practice that yields tangible results.

Serious meditation retreat centers as distinguished from strip mall yoga studios are booked to capacity far in advance. The DC area does not currently have such a retreat center although it is one of the worlds major intellectual and cultural cities.

Next Steps:

SI has incorporated as a VA NFP and is in the process of getting tax exempt status from the IRS.

We are seeking funding for property and construction of the center. Several possible properties have been identified.

We are in discussions with an international team of distinguished monks to serve as faculty.

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