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Save Japan Dolphins

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Save Japan Dolphins

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The Problem• In Japan, fishermen round up and slaughter

hundreds and even thousands of dolphins and other small whales each year.

• This brutal massacre — the largest scale dolphin kill in the world — goes on for six months of every year

• Even more scandalous, members of the international dolphin display industry take advantage of the dolphin slaughter to obtain some few, show-quality dolphins for use in captive dolphin shows and dolphin swim programs. (the United States also buys these show dolphins)

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The Problem Continued• It is commonly assumed that Japanese fishermen hunt

dolphins to supply a small minority of Japanese people with dolphin meat.

• The real reason the Japanese government issues permits to kill dolphins by the thousands every year has nothing to do with food culture. It has to do with pest control.

• Most likely in order to push the food culture issue even further, the Japanese government recently introduced pilot whale meat to children's school lunch programs, despite the fact that the meat is tainted with mercury and not fit for human consumption.

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Whale or Dolphin or Steak?

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Problem Continued

• The fishermen say they kill the dolphins "quickly and humanely."

• The methods used to kill the dolphins are so savage, it's hard to believe it unless you witness it for yourself.

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• Taiji, Japan

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The Cove

• The Dolphins are herded into this cove to be sold and to be slaughtered.

• The fisherman use their sonar against them.

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• These so called humane killing tools pierce the dolphin multiple times. This weakens the dolphin and they drown in their own blood.

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Ric O’Barry

• He trained Flipper• Flipper Committed

Suicide• When she did Ric

realized that captivity of dolphins is wrong

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Things We Can Do• Help us get the word out.

Help us get the word out in Japan, and pressure our leaders to take action. Send a letter to President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Japanese Ambassador to the US. Your message will be displayed on social networks, web sites and blogs in Japan, along with information from the The Cove.

• Make a pledge: don't go to dolphin shows.Don't pay to see or swim with dolphins in captivity.

• Donate now.Help our campaign to stop the killing of dolphins in Japan, and the sale of captured dolphins around the world.Show your support.

• Go see The Cove.The secret is out. Spread the word. The more people who see the new documentary The Cove, the greater the pressure around the world to end the killing of dolphins and whales. Visit the official film site for locations and information on group sales.

• WAZA has the power to stop the slaughter in Taiji.Pressure them to take action now.

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They need a chance!

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Let’s Give them the chance!

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Thank You

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