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Are you able to save money on tyres? Are you taking care of your tyres? If you follow a simple routine then you can save money and increase your tyres lifeline.


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Driving Tips fromCar Leasing Made Simple

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Are you able to save money on tyres? Are you taking care of your tyres? If you follow a simple routine then you can save money and increase your tyres lifeline.

Tyres are the most common part that needs to be regular check same as oil check, radiator coolant and brake and clutch fluid helps car to run smoothly.

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UK Tyre Law

According to UK rule – “Minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimeters, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre.”

If you drive with damaged or worn tyres than you can fined by traffic officer of minimum £2,500 and three penalty points.

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1) Correct Tyre Pressure check -  

Correct pressure tyres help to maintain fuel efficiency that helps to environment as well by generating lower CO2 emissions. 

You can check correct tyre pressure in your vehicle handbook, ask car manufacturer or you can check on Kwik-fit online tool.

The main problem happens not checking tyre pressure regularly. Under inflated tyres can overheat and over inflated tyres can pilot a poor vehicle handling on road. 

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2) Check for External Damage -  

If the tyre air depress automatically then you must needs to check your tyres. Also it needs to check wheel alignment because sometimes wheel alignment might get uneven because of hitting kerb.

You can take your car for tyre check to any garage that can check for you.

Sometimes tyres can cuts, lumps and bumps are often caused by an impact between the tyre and a kerb, pothole or object in the road(like glass etc..). 

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Keep Extra Tyre on Boot

If you enough room into boot then it’s a good idea to keep a extra tyre. Because you never know when you need it. Better to keep extra tyres can save money on emergency because on motorways, if you call for tyre replacement than its charges a lot.

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Discount Tyres

You have heard about discount tyres on worn(called ‘used’ also) tyres. When you go to any garage , garages normally charges £20 to £25 for one tyre that can be use for nearly 12 months. For new tyres they charges £60 to £65 for one tyre that you do not need to worry about replacement again until it damage or exceed minimum depth.

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You can get ‘Worn tyres’ cheaper because it’s used. They keep worn tyres from any car breakdown and scrap car. You can consider ‘worn tyres’ if its correct size & from correct car manufacturer, minimum depth not needs to below 3mm and there are no cuts, lamps on tyres. Worn tyres are does not compromise safety if you do research and check properly.

If you are driving a lot then do not consider about discount tyres.

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Here are the best way to save money on tyres

Keep them properly inflated.Deal with any cuts, lamps quicklyCheck air pressure regularly.Rotate them regularly.

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