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5 quick tips on saving yourself from yourself online.


  • 1. Save Yourself From Yourself!Mid Missouri Young Professionals Conference10/26/11

2. About Me Jerry Gamblin Network Security Specialist at the Missouri House of Reps @jgamblin 3. Come On Jerry, Seriously,Whats the worst that can happen? 4. Was the CEO of HBGARYFEDERALUsed same password on multiple websites. 5. Hacked Facebook andGmail accounts of 3300women. Found nude photos in~15% of accounts. Posted the pictures backto victims Facebook. Sentenced to Five yearsin prison in July. 6. Hired company to hackher husbands emailduring their divorceproceedings. Found evidence of herhusband having anaffair. Charged with computerhacking felony. 7. 5 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe. 8. Number 1:Be SmartWith YourSmartphone. 9. How many of use your phones forCorporate EmailBankingSocial NetworkingPersonal Stuff 10. How many of your phonesRequire an unlock password?Can be remotely wiped if lost/stolen?Are encrypted? 11. Number 2:Use GreatPasswords 12. What one of these password is the best?