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  • 1. Size & SpeedScalability vs. PerformanceNY Web Performance Meetup March 27, 2013

2. About Doing web dev andoperations since 1996 Tech Director, Web Opsand Dev @ truTV/Turner Creator of ShowSlow Organizer at NY WebPerf Board member of WPOFoundation 3. Why Do We Scale? 4. Available Resources CPU Memory DiskNetwork 5. CPU & Memory Classical scale problem Scale up (Moors law) Scale out (cloud) 6. Storage More available Speed and reliability Slower then in the past / SSD 7. Network ??? Easy to scale for static assets Trouble if you hit dynamic 8. User Experience 9. How Page Loads~8 sec above the fold~0.5 sec for first requestonly 6.25% on back end12sec, 157 req, ~1Mb 10. Our Tools 11. Load Testing apply load,measure backendperformance degradation 12. "Synthetic" testingtime ALL components of page load HAR 13. Real User Measurementmeasure key performance metrics for REAL users Boomerang.js 14. Speed, is it important? RUM data. Aaron Kulick, Cliff Crocker @ Wallmart Labs 15. Speed, it is important! RUM data. Aaron Kulick, Cliff Crocker @ Wallmart Labs 16. Speed it upfor one user! 17. New York Web Performance MeetupSergey Chernyshev @sergeyche @perfplanet


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