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Scavenger Hunt. Andrew Mittner Gavin Pritchard Donovan Florence Micah Marshal. Teachers Questions. What is Mr. Cassano’s Wife’s name? Genelle How many children Does Mr. Kaz have? 2 Where does Mrs. Runatz Live? North A llegheny - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Scavenger Hunt Andrew MittnerGavin PritchardDonovan FlorenceMicah Marshal

Teachers QuestionsWhat is Mr. Cassanos Wifes name? GenelleHow many children Does Mr. Kaz have? 2 Where does Mrs. Runatz Live? North Allegheny What high school Did Mrs. Kovall Attend? MckeesportWhat is Mrs. Krugers Favorite subject to teach? WWIWhat College did Mrs. Bair attend? GenevaWhat colleges did Mr. Kasperek Attend? Westminster Who is Mr. Budacki Favorite Author? Nathaniel Whorthal How many children does Mr. Pagani Have? 1Where did Mr. Pasquale go to college? West Virginia and GenevaWhy does Mrs. Delcamo Hate Joe paterno? She went to pittWhat high school did Mrs. Phillips attend? Monaca

Teachers Questions Continued What High school Did Mrs. Velto Attend? Cedar Cliff

Where did Mr. Lamb Teach before NBHS? Oil city

Which Teachers at NBHS Graduated NBHS? Mr.Tabay, Miss Mercer, Mr. Pasquale, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Stuber, Mr. Cambell, and Mrs. Antoline

QuestionsHow old was Willie Smith when he died?6 years 4 Months How many names are under Chancellorsville 15 Who donated The middle School Main entrance sign? Student council 1995What year is at the top of the borough Building? 1908What size in MM is the cannon? 75 MM

What year is on the cornerstone of the church(6th ave & 11th Street)? 1958

What book number is Steven Kings Carrie? Fic King

What year was the church built (3rd Ave)? 1850

Who is the curator or director of the Merrick Art Gallery? Cynthia Kunder

Who is big Rock park dedicated to? Jerry Fiet

What was the name of the lady that lived in the white cottage? Grace Greenwood

Who were Merricks parents?Silas And fanny Miner Merrick

What year was Craig's Printing established? 1907

What Company did A. Brown belong to?101st Pvt

What year is on the old YMCA building?1915

Grove CemeteryYear that Levonia Okely Townsend died?1892

What Year John S. Thomas died? 1941

Year that Lena Casimir was born?1842

Walter S. Weavers Year of death?1943

Year of Elizabeth Nultons Death?1914

Animal engraved on Jesse James Wests Tombstone?A frog

What was the name of the camp where chas. Emory Beaver died?Camp Morrison

Year of Emily B. Corbus Birth?1849

What year did Mary E. Stuber die? 1874

Date of Elizabeth's Hoopes death?August 3rd 1860

Where is John S. Wendt Buried?Sewickly

Year that R. Baxter McDanel Died?1912