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<p>Scavenger Hunt</p> <p>Scavenger HuntEesa LatifHussein MesharyMarwa SalehTerri Allen</p> <p>Who says Romeo and Juliet cant meet here?</p> <p>Pigeons playing Mozarts inspiration</p> <p>Why come up with all these gadgets when its simple?</p> <p>Ladder/doohicky hair thingy</p> <p>Childsplay</p> <p>How did this get up there?</p> <p>An art form in an unlikely setting</p> <p>Inanimate object, creative?...Yes</p> <p>Does this communicate to you? No need for a menu just order off other peoples tables. yummm</p> <p>Problem: SOLVED</p> <p>We want shade also</p> <p>Problem that needs to be solved</p> <p>Sharing this meal togetherby: Jack Johnson</p> <p>Dalal Binsabt24 years oldKuwaiti/AmericanBA in Graphic DesignArtist, writerQ: Can you tell me about your creative process?A: My what? Im not sure what that is. Hmmm. Ive never verbalized it before. What I do is so much a part of me, of my life.Q: Ok. Lets break it down. What do you do to get yourself ready to be creative? How does it all work for you?A: Well once Im inspired to be creative I set up my surroundings so that I am comfortable to creative. Mostly it includes alone time with either music playing or a show I find relaxing. I normally have coffee or tea.Q: What inspires you to be creative?A: Hmm. Sometimes places inspire me like Colorado. Sometimes certain people. Could be a song or a movie.Q: And then what happens?A: Well then I would start drawing or writing. I also prefer to do art during the day because of the sun light. Once Ive got an idea of what to write, I can write anywhere. Ive done some of my best work in Starbucks.Q: Why do you create?A: I dont know. Its fun and I enjoy it. Ive always had the need to. Ive done it all my life.</p> <p>Interview</p>


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