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Scavenger Hunt class project


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>A Culture Scavenger Hunt Gap vs. Banana Republic Gap Inc. is a brand builder. We create emotional connections with customersaround the world through inspiring product design, unique experiences, andcompelling marketing.Observable ArtifactsArchitectureSymbols &amp; DcorEmployee AttireCeremonies, Rites or RitualsOrganizational Heroes or Heroines Nonverbal Behavior Architecture Symbols &amp; Dcor Employee Attire </p> <p>Ceremonies, Rites and RitualsGAPGeneric RoutineNo initiated consumer interactionBanana Republic</p> <p>GreetingManagers PitchWhat could they do better?Organizational Heroes &amp; Heroines </p> <p>Nonverbal Behavior GAPNo greetingsBlank stares/mean looks from employeesPassive approach to sales Little employee incentives Banana Republic</p> <p>Sales people very willing to helpMore straightforward sales approach Greeted upon walking inEmployee incentives GAP Employee Reviews A day at the Gap was to clock in , get assigned a section, get your box and start filling it with the stores orders. We had to do so many boxes in an hour.</p> <p> Co-workers were slack and management spent a fair bit of time motivating staff rather than pleasing the customers. The job was physical which was great, and time went by quickly, it was nice.</p> <p>Surrounded by teams who were passionate about their work. Driven leadership team, highly collaborative and focused on driving and improving efficiency.</p> <p>Banana Republic Employee ReviewsIt was my responsibility to greet and inform customers of the daily sales and new product arrivals, identify their needs/wants and apply my product knowledge to find what items best satisfied each customer</p> <p>A typical day at BR you will find the employees smiling and ready to welcome you and to give their help. Our customer service is top notch with an emphasis in making our clients happy.</p> <p>I worked in a very busy store, but management gives you a generous discount, respects your personal needs and creates a work schedule that works around your needs.General Culture TypesGapBanana RepublicSpecific Culture TypesGAPCustomer Service DiversityCreativityEthicalBanana RepublicCustomer Service DiversityCreativityEthical</p>