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  • Composizione di un fumetto su una scena del film Il caso Winslow
  • Immagini tratte da youtube.
  • Testi tratti dai sottotitoli in lingua inglese del film

3. ANALISI DELLA SEQUENZA SCENA:Finale durata 1:55 ( PERSONAGGI: Sir Robert Morton; Miss Catherine Winslow AMBIENTE: Esterno di casa Winslow; giorno ( E/G ) INQUADRATURE: PP ( primo piano) SONORO: dialogo e musica in sottofondo COLORI: immagini a colori . 4. acura diF.T. 5. ONE THING PUZZLES ME! 6. AM I, indeed? You know that you are. Why? 7. Who knows the truth about himself? That is now answer. 8. My dear Miss Winslow, are you cross-examining me? On this point.. 9. Why are you ashamed of your emotions? 10. To fight a case on emotional grounds is the surest way to lose it. Is it? 11. Emotions cloud the issue! Cold, cear logic wins the day! 12. Was it cold, clear logic that made you weep today at the verdict? 13. I wept because right had been done. 14. Not justice? No, not justice! Right! 15. > 16. Now, I must leave the witness box. Miss Winslow, I hope I shall see you again! One day in the House of Commons. Up in the gallery! In the HOUSE OF COMMONS! 17. Yes! In the House of Commons, but not up in the gallery! Accross the floor, one day 18. You still pursue your feminist activities! Oh, yes! 19. Pity! Its a last cause! 20. Do you really think so, Sir Robert? How little you Know about women 21. Goodbye! I about that we shall meet again! 22. Do you really think so? How little you know about man! 23. 24. LULTIMA IMMAGINE E QUELLA DI MISS WINSLOW. E UN PRIMO PIANO IN CUI SI MOSTRA IL SUO VOLTO PRIMA DI MERAVIGLIA PER LA BATTUTA DI SIR ROBERT E POI DI GIOIA: SORRIDE E LA SCENA SI CHIUDE CON LIMMAGINE CHE SI DISSOLVE. 25. 26. THEEND!