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  • Player BiographiesSchffer 2015


    Double Ds NoteDear Lister,

    Ladies and gentlemen, can we please have your attention. Weve just been handed an urgent notice from the LDL. We need all of you to stop what youre doing and listen.


    Prepare yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime. Fantastic dodge-ball, wild fans showing their tower pride. Last year, the Lighthouse be-gan this tradition of a small booklet of player biographies, and Double D Dodgeball is keeping it going.

    Just like the rest of you, we fell in love with dodgeball the very first time we stepped into the Tuckey. Just two goons on 5K yossin bombs and wheelin moms. All Star week is an experience that is just as fun on and off the court, for players and fans alike. We got to know the All Star teams, especially our own tower. (RIP Champs) It was exciting that we could finally put a name to a face of some of the great dodge-ball players out there and have better dodgeball discussions.

    Our hope is that this pamphlet allows you guys to get a head start on the All Star experience. So you will be able to get to know the team a little better than you did and get more out of the experience and get invested in your team and your players. The more you put into All Star week, the more you get out of it. We encourage you to participate in as much of it as you can, as it is one of the greatest weeks in your Lister experience. Take advantage of all that All Stars has to offer.

    From the folks at Double D Dodgeball, you stay All Starry Lister.

    Dan Strowbridge and Darren RoszellDouble D DodgeballThe Lighthouse


    A Message from the LDLHey Team,

    First of all, thank you all for being a part of the Annual All-Star Tour-nament! The All Star Tournament is undeniably the most anticipated and celebrated week in the Lister Dodgeball League Calendar and rightly so. This week exists as a celebration of everything the LDL was, is, and will be in Lister. As a league that champions Sportsman-ship and Teamwork above all else, it is always an inspiration to see league members gather to celebrate the league and its pillars together. Whether you are participating as a player or a spectator, we all partake due to a love and passion for dodgeball. The LDL is unique amongst sports leagues, campus organizations, and residence culture. Imita-tions have been attempted, however the reality is that what we have in Lister in very special and incredibly unique. The LDL is the reason Lister alumni still proudly call themselves Listerites, show up to events like Campus Cup and the Alumni Tournament, and keep their old LDL jerseys tucked away as mementos of their time in Lister.

    I encourage each and every one of you to participate in as much of All-Star Week as you can. Our league is the envy of every organization on campus and every sports league because of our passionate, dedicat-ed, proud members. Whether you are competing, spectating, or simply reading this package, be proud!

    David Semple and Saadiq SumarLDL All Star Executives

  • SCHFFERLeslie Chi, 1/2SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Surrey, BCMajor/Minor: BioSci Major, Chem MinorPreferred Position on Court: 3rd/4th in from the left. Where I played last year and definitely where Im most comfortable.Favourtie Dodgeball Memory: Playoff series against 1/2S last year. Tightest game any of us had ever played, deciding set had 3 1v1s with David Feng and Seun up against Max Harrison. Dodgeball Crush: As the one who made me care about dodgeball last year, it has to be Baby Feng

    Quinn Wilkie, 1/2STwo-time All Star

    Hometown: Okotoks, ABMajor/Minor: Mechanical EngineeringPreferred Position on Court: Corner and doctorFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: My favourite dodge-ball memory is probably getting third place in Dodgef-est 2015Dodgeball Crush: Original dodgeball crush was Riley Eshleman.

    Kevin Lai, 3STwo-time All Star

    Hometown: Calgary, ABMajor/Minor: Bio Sci/PsychologyPreferred Position on Court: MiddleFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Catching a shame ball last year during All-Stars

  • SCHFFERMathew Schroederand Chase Rau, 3/5STwo-time All Stars

    Hometown: WESTLOCK!!!!!Major/Minor: Chase is majoring in Science Psycholo-gy, and Mathew is majoring in Geology.Preferred Position on Court: Anywhere on the court where we can use our superior speed and dodging ability. E.g Middle shagger, double doctor, etc. Favourtie Dodgeball Memory: Dodgefest 2015 with Scott Veronellys Dribbling Academy.Dodgeball Crush: Former JP cup champion, Deepak Venkatesh. Those sly doctor kills get us excited.

    Talha Sajjad, 3STwo-time All Star (Mac 14, Schaff 15)

    Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan (No, Im not from Cal-gary.)Major/Minor: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engi-neeringPreferred Position on Court: Not on the bench. Theres only one spot I dont like and its right side during doctor. Im comfortable playing all over the court in any game style other than that one combina-tion. Favourtie Dodgeball Memory: Making All-Stars for the first time would definitely be one, but seeing Saadiq Sumar run to the line with his crazy eyes and kill 18 people definitely takes the cake.Dodgeball Crush: Melissa Fleming/Jigar Nahar

    Oluwaseun Olalekan, 4SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Born in Lagos, Nigeria, lives in CalgaryMajor/Minor: Bio SciPreferred Position on Court: EdgeFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Playing Dodgefest with friends.

  • SCHFFERTyler Grierson, 4SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Whitecourt, ABMajor/Minor: Honours PharmacologyPreferred Position on Court: Corner crowd-sideFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Making All-Stars first time in my second year of playing in the LDL.

    David Won, 5SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Red Deer, ABMajor/Minor: Econ Major/Math MinorPreferred Position on Court: Dead at the lineFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Being dead at the lineDodgeball Crush: The one and only Benjamin James Reeves. This man taught me to put the team first and taught me how to fill any hole on and off the court. Ben Reeves, you the real MVP.

    Rayden Saunders, 6SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: North Battleford, SKMajor/Minor: Bio/Psych double majorPreferred Position on Court: Left cornerFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Playoffs last year

  • SCHFFERAndrew Myrland, 8SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Toronto, ONMajor/Minor: Petroleum EngineeringPreferred Position on Court: Middle-ishFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Playing just about every day on 4 Mac last year

    Darren Roszell, 8STwo-time All Star

    Hometown: St. Albert, ABMajor/Minor: Finance Major, Accounting MinorPreferred Position on Court: Middle, doctor or dou-bleFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: The crazy Kelsey fans during All-Stars last year.Dodgeball Crush: The one and only Quinn Wilkie #milkieforwilkie

    Eric McCann, 8STwo-time All Star

    Hometown: Calgary, ABMajor/Minor: Electrical EngineeringPreferred Position on Court: Second in from the leftFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Playing on the Friend-ly Recreational Team for Campus Cup this year

  • SCHFFERJapnam Grewal, 8SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Abbotsford, BCMajor/Minor: Major Biological Sciences, Minor Soci-ologyPreferred Position on Court: EdgeFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: 2014 JP Cup Finals with 7-8 Henday

    Gonzalo Rubio, 9SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Mexico CityMajor/Minor: Honours in GeophysicsPreferred Position on Court: Double DoctorFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Winning Ivanhoe tour-ney in my first year

    David Hu, 10SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Home is where the heart isMajor/Minor: NeurosciencePreferred Position on Court: Davids lap, on the bench, just anywhere away from those red balls.Favourtie Dodgeball Memory: Having my first ever 1 v 1 with Seun Ololololken and listening to Nick throw-ing off a bunch of sick stratsDodgeball Crush: Sophie Sauv, heard was she was into asians so I hopped on the Sauv bandwag-on pretty fast. However this was a distant admiration since I didnt want to break this beautiful facade.

  • SCHFFERFraser Oliver, 12STwo-time All Star (Henday)

    Hometown: Yellowknife, NWTMajor/Minor: Bachelor of Science in kinesiologyPreferred Position on Court: Corner booth at Dukes Favourtie Dodgeball Memory: Meeting President Barack Obama after playing for the American National Dodgeball Team in last semesters Campus CupDodgeball Crush: Gary McIvor, that guys a legend

    Brooklyn Halwa, 1/2SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Leduc, ABMajor/Minor: Kinesiology, 3rd yearPreferred Position on Court: Right side, edge or 1 inFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Playing in playoffs with 5 Henday in first year

    Laurin Hartley, 1/2STwo-time All Star

    Hometown: Calgary, ABMajor/Minor: Business: Human ResourcesPreferred Position on Court: Doctor KillerFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Doing the most ac-curate throw contest last year for the skills comp and missing everything for 50 seconds and then hitting 4 targets in the last 10 seconds

  • SCHFFERJennifer Meyer, 3SThree-time All Star

    Hometown: Quesnel, BCMajor/Minor: Double major physical sciences and earth and atmospheric science Preferred Position on Court: AnywhereFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Continuing the sec-ond place legacy in Dodgefest this year.

    Hayley Cowitz, 4STwo-time All Star

    Hometown: Calgary, ABMajor/Minor: NursingPreferred Position on Court: Outside leftFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: Getting face shot by Cole Omelchenko and having it dislocate my jaw #hurtssogood

    Stephanie Corner, 4SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Edson, ABMajor/Minor: BSc. NursingPreferred Position on Court: Right edgeFavourtie Dodgeball Memory: My first game, first year!

  • SCHFFERCailey Turner, 5SFirst-time All Star

    Hometown: Medicine Hat, ABMajor/Minor: Major Biology and Mi