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  • 1. FRIT 7090: Introduction to Storytelling: Storyboard Activity Autumn Schaffer A House for a Hermit Crab by Eric Carle (ISBN: 0887080561) Carle, E. (1991). A house for a hermit crab. New York: Simon & Schuster Childrens Publishing.Scene 1: Scene 2: Scene 3:Once upon a time, there was a hermit crab,and as you know hermit crabs move from He was a little frightened because he no longershell to shell as they grow larger and larger. had a shell to hide it. The ocean is very wide and large. What if a big fish tries to attack me? Early in February, Hermit Crab found justOne day early in January Hermit Crab said I must find a new house soon! thought the the house he was looking for. It was big andTime to Move! Im just too big for this little Hermit Crab. strong- he was able to move right on in, withshell! But he felt so safe and snug in his a little wiggling and squirming of course. Itlittle shell- now it was just a little too snug. feels just right- but it looks so, well, plain,So- he carefully stepped out of his shell and *Image Courtesy of: Its Nature thought Hermit Crab.onto the ocean floor. *Image Courtesy of: Hermit Crab Care
  • 2. *Image Courtesy of: Its NatureScene 4: Scene 5: Scene 6:In March, Hermit Crab came across some sea In April, Hermit Crab passed a flock of starfishanemones. They swayed gently back and floating across the ocean floor. Oh, how In May, Hermit Crab found some beautifulforth in the ocean water. You are so handsome you are! said Hermit Crab. Would coral on the bottom of the ocean floor. Theybeautiful! said Hermit Crab, Would one of one of you be willing to decorate my house? were hard and still. You are so pretty! saidyou be willing to come and live on my new One starfish waved his little arm to agree. So- the hermit crab. Would one of you beshell? Is so plain, and Im sure you will make hermit crab carefully picked it up and added it willing to come and live on my house toit much more beautiful. One sea anemone onto the back of his shell. make it more beautiful? I would, creakedagreed- so Hermit Crab picked it up with his a crusty coral. Gingerly, hermit crab pickedclaw, and carefully placed it on his shell. *Image Courtesy of: Photomural it up with his claw and placed it on his shell.*Image Courtesy of: Photography Pictures *Image Courtesy of: EcocietyScene 7: Scene 8: Scene 9:
  • 3. In June, Hermit Crab came to a group ofsnails crawling over a rock on the sea floor.They were picking up algae and bits of debrisas they moved along- leaving a clean trailbehind them. How tidy you are! saidHermit Crab. Would one of you be willing In July, Hermit Crab came upon a group of sea In August, Hermit Crab and all of histo come to my house and help keep it clean? urchins. They were sticky and prickly. How newfound friends wandered into a forest ofsaid the hermit crab. I would, offered one fierce you look! said Hermit Crab. Would one seaweed. Its so dark in here, thoughtof the snails. Happily, the hermit crab picked of you be willing to protect my house? I Hermit Crab. How dim it is! murmuredit up with his claw and placed it on his shell. would, answered one of the sea urchins. the sea anemone. How gloomy it is! Gratefully, the hermit crab placed the spiky sea whispered the starfish. How murky it is!*Image Courtesy of: Daily Science Dose urchin on the back of his shell. complained the coral. I cant see a thing! said the snail. Its like nighttime! cried the *Image Courtesy of: DailyGalaxy sea urchin. *Image Courtesy of: Flicker Creative CommonsScene 10: Scene 11: Scene 12:
  • 4. In September, Hermit Crab came across aschool of lanternfish darting through the dark In October, Hermit Crab found a pile of smoothwater. How bright you are! said Hermit pebbles. How sturdy you are! said HermitCrab. Would one of you be willing to light Crab. Would you mind if I re-arrange you?up our house? I would, replied one But in November, Hermit Crab noticed that Not at all, answered the smooth pebbles.lanternfish. And it swam over near the shell. his shell was getting a little too snug. Little Hermit Crab carefully picked up the pebbles by little over the year he had grown! It with his claw and built a wall around his shell. wouldnt be long before he was too big for My shell is perfect now! cheered Hermit*Image Courtesy of: Flicker Creative his shell! He would need a bigger home, but Crab.Commons he had grown to love his friends: the sea anemone, the starfish, the coral, the sea *Image Courtesy of: Flicker Creative urchin, the snail, the lanterfish, and even the Commons smooth pebbles. You all have been so good to me! explained Hermit Crab. You are like my family. How can I ever leave you? *Image Courtesy of: EHowScene 13: Scene 14:
  • 5. The next January, Hermit Crab stepped out of his lovely shell, and the smaller crab moved in.In December, a smaller hermit crab passed Couldnt stay in that little shell forever, saidby. I have outgrown my shell! she said. Hermit Crab as he waved goodbye to hisWould you know of a good place for me? friends. The ocean floor did look rather wideI have outgrown my shell too! replied and lonely, but this time Hermit Crab wasntHermit Crab. I must move on. You are afraid. Soon he spied a perfect house- a big andwelcome to live here- but only if you promise empty shell. It looked, well, a little plain, butto be good to my friends. I promise, said Sponges! he thought. Barnacles! Clownthe little crab. Fish! Sand Dollars! Oh the possibilities! I cant wait to get started!*Image Courtesy of: Reef Tank *Image Courtesy of: