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<ul><li>Theory and Problems of MathematicaContents1: Getting Started1.1. Notation &amp; Conventions1.2. The Kernel &amp; the Front End1.3. Mathematica Quirks1.4. Mathematica Gives Exact Answers1.5. Mathematica Basics1.6. Cells1.7. Getting Help1.8. Packages1.9. A Preview of What's to Come2: Basic Concepts2.1. Constants2.2. "Built-In" Functions2.3. Basic Arithmetic Operations2.4. Strings2.5. Assignment, Replacement, &amp; Logical Relations2.6. Sums &amp; Products2.7. Loops2.8. Introduction to Graphing2.9. User-Defined Functions2.10. Operations on Functions2.11. Modules3: Lists3.1. Introduction3.2. Generating Lists3.3. List Manipulation3.4. Set Theory3.5. Tables &amp; Matrices4: Two-Dimensional Graphics4.1. Plotting Functions of a Single Variable4.2. Additional Graphics Commands4.3. Special Two-Dimensional Plots4.4. Animation5: Three-Dimensional Graphics5.1. Plotting Functions of Two Variables5.2. Other Graphics Commands5.3. Special Three-Dimensional Plots5.4. Standard Shapes -- 3D Graphics Primitives6: Equations6.1. Solving Algebraic Equations6.2. Solving Transcendental Equations7: Algebra and Trigonometry7.1. Polynomials7.2. Rational &amp; Algebraic Functions7.3. Trigonometric Functions7.4. The Art of Simplification8: Differential Calculus8.1. Limits8.2. Derivatives8.3. Maximum &amp; Minimum Values8.4. Power Series9: Integral Calculus9.1. Antiderivatives9.2. Definite Integrals9.3. Functions Defined by Integrals9.4. Riemann Sums10: Multivariate Calculus10.1. Partial Derivatives10.2. Maximum &amp; Minimum Values10.3. The Total Differential10.4. Multiple Integrals11: Ordinary Differential Equations11.1. Analytical Solutions11.2. Numerical Solutions11.3. Laplace Transforms12: Linear Algebra12.1 Vectors &amp; matrices12.2. Matrix Operations12.3. Matrix Manipulation12.4. Linear Systems of Equations12.5. Orthogonality12.6. Eigenvalues &amp; Eigenvectors12.7. Diagonalization &amp; Jordan Canonical FormAppendixA.1. Pure FunctionsA.2. ContextsA.3. PatternsIndex</li></ul>


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