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Schneider Electric IT (APC by Schneider Electric) Sustainability & Green Premium. Raymond Lizotte Director, SEIT Environment Stewardship Office October 2013. Introduction Sustainability Green Premium Business Value Conclusions. Agenda. Focusing on energy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Schneider Electric IT(APC by Schneider Electric)Sustainability & Green Premium

Raymond LizotteDirector, SEIT Environment Stewardship OfficeOctober 2013

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Green Premium

Business Value


Energy is key to our business from generation to use.

72% of energy consumption

Focusing on energy

Integrated solutions where energy is usedEnergy and infrastructureIndustryData centers and networks

Electric utilities Water & waste water Oil & Gas Marine Mining, Mineral, Metals Machine builders Data centers / IT Hospitals Hotels Buildings, Retail ResidentialBuildingsResidential4We are the leader in active energy efficiency: The market In terms of energy, one unit saved at home equals three units saved at the power plant => crucial in the context of climate change.Source: International Energy Outlook 2007 US Department of Energy (DOE)

Evaluate your households energy efficiency.MeasureYou have to measure to see where you are and what you want to achieve => need to know where you consume the mostEnergy metersPower quality meters

2. Use efficient devices Low consumption devices: light bulbs, heating regulators, etc.Insulation materialPower qualityPower reliability

3. AutomateIts good to have low consumption devices, but that doesnt mean you have to leave them on all day!Human beings are lazy. Good resolutions to shut off heaters and lights when you leave a room or office tend to fade away when the effort infringes on comfort => hence the need for automationBuilding Management SystemsLighting Control SystemsMotor control systemsHome control systemsVariable speed drives

4. Monitor and improveIf you never maintain your car, it will consume more and more gas. The same for your electrical installation.To ensure that the results achieved are here to stay and that your new installation is profitable and sustainable:Energy management softwareRemote monitoring systems

=> Active energy efficiencySE-IT (APC) Business OverviewWorldwideBusiness Description Segment Responsibility3.6BUPSServicesCooling Racks/PDUsSoftware

#1 #1 or #2#3 #1 or #2#2Sales by Geography2012 annual sales

FinanceCloud/CollocationIT37% New Economies63% Mature Economies39% Solutions45% Transactional16% Services

Surge ProtectorsIndustrial UPSsHome & ProfessionalUPSsData CentersSales by Offer5Stats as of end of 2011 (from Strategy Day Financials)Our VisionWe see a world where we can all achieve more while using less of our common planet

Our MissionWe help people make the most of their energy

Brand PromiseSchneider Electrics broad portfolio of activities in efficiency management Makes our products, solutions, and servicessafe green reliable productive efficient

Our Story

6Sustainability Conversation with CustomersOur Sustainability Story is part of the conversation, theSustainability Story of our customers is the rest.

About 10-15% of our customers have defined, articulated Sustainability Stories

About 10% of our customers dont care about Sustainability and dont want it part of the conversation

Remainder care about Sustainability, but do not yet have a Sustainability Story defined.

Compliance documentationSustainability ParametersEnd-of-Life Guidance


What is Green Premium?SE-IT Business (ITB) Green Premium StatusProducts responsible for 78% of ITB and 2012 NR have Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs).

Green Premium and PEPs highlighted on Product Pages of

Marketing and customers have easy access to environmental data..

All new product must be released with PEPs.

9Value of Product Environmental ProfilesWe are obtaining Business Value from marketing products based on environmental criteria via PEPs.

Obtain return on investment made to draft PEPsSEIT investment to produce PEPs in 2011/2012: 95K

Winning Tenders Sustainability information included in proposals Differentiating products especially in online search enginesEnvironmental performance improvements Providing new criteria when older criteria lose value and promoting continuous improvement.

Communicating with Customers who CareCutting edge customers want information on SustainabilityInstead of having no answer ..Green Premium provides the answer.

Marketing teams are making use of Green Premium data~10% of proposal requests require Sustainability parametersPrior to Green Premium, each request was answered individually or not at all.Via PEPs, marketing easily includes Sustainability information in proposals.According to one business area (Spain country manager), Green Premium was included in all contracts that they were awarded in 2012.

Online Retain and Environmental ValueBy 2014, most business transactions will be performed online

Differentiation from the crowd is the challenge

..Green Premium provides an answer.

SE-IT initiative: Embrace Online Retail SE-IT wins when sorting by price, performance, or any other parameter.SE-IT products are gaining market visibility and winning when Search Results use Sustainability parametersAPC branded products are topping search results when environmental, green, efficient search parameters are used.

Online search for UPS, no sustainability criteria.APC UPSs are intermixed with 37 other UPS products.

APC UPS are 2 of the top 10 and 5 of the 37

Online Search for Environmental UPSAPC UPSs are top six offers!

Similar results achieved when other search criteria usedInternal DesignWe strive to do the Right Things for our Air, Water, and Land.

but are we doing the Right Things Wrong?

The data used to develop PEPs provides engineers with the data to make better engineering and sourcing decisions.PEP data becomes the basis of SE Eco-Design Program.Instead of guessing what is the best solution, engineers have a numericaltool to make better Right decisions.


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