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DESCRIPTION - Motivate students and promote school traditions with Custom made School Banners. Check out this presentation to get some ideas and to learn why vinyl banners are your best choice.


  • 1. School Banners

2. Why School Banners?

  • Custom madeSchool Bannerswork great to motivate students and to promote school traditions

3. What Material?

  • When talking about School Banners is important to remember that theyre usually meant to be used outdoors.
  • Its vital to choose the right material.

4. Vinyl Banners Vinyl will be your best shot!!. Vinyl banners last longer and are waterproof and fade resistant. 5. School Banners Ideas

  • To welcome students back to school or School's Open House.
  • Reminding the school Mission statement.
  • Celebrating the School Anniversary.

6. School Banners Ideas

  • Promoting parent involvement, like "Join the PTO" for example.
  • Emphasizing an achievement, such as, if the school was rewarded as a distinguished school or improved score tests.

7. School Banners Ideas

  • Sport and Spirit Pride Include the name, color and mascot and your slogan as well.
  • Promoting team spirit: Like "Attitude is everything" or "Bring it On!

8. School Banners Ideas

  • To advertise the Homecoming or Prom dance.
  • To promote academic integrity: "Cheating is Lying" "Cheating is Wrong".

9. Design is Key

  • A well designed banner will grab the attention of everybody.
  • The right selection of colors and a catchy slogan can help.
  • Tip: Involve students in the design process.

10. Banner Example 11. Final Thoughts

  • Having your message displayed in a banner or sign makes it more visual and many times an image or a graphic sells more than a hundred of words.

12. Professional Advice

  • For more information about our custom madeSchool Bannersgive us a call (866) 611-6118 or visit: