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2. What is Schools Fantasy League (SFL)?

  • SFL is an online activity linked to fantasy football
  • Compete against your friends and teachers for end of season prizes!
  • Pick your team in September, the season starts in October and finishes in May.

3. Linked to Premier League action!

  • You becomePremier Leaguemanagers and pick your ownPremier Leagueplayers
  • Your players score points based on their performance in actualPremier Leaguematches. If your team has the most points then you stand to win a certificate, medal or a trophy!

4. The rules.

  • You will have a 70m budget to spend on your team of 11Premier Leagueplayers
  • You cannot choose more than 3 players from onePremier Leagueteam, and you must comply with one of the formations
  • You can make transfers during the course of the season, but no more than 5 a month.

5. Scoring points

  • 3 points for a goal.

6. Scoring points

  • 2 points for an assist (pass made to goalscorer).

7. Scoring points

  • 1 point for each goalkeeper or defender that plays at least 45 minutes of a game

8. Losing points!

  • -1 point for each goal that a goalkeeper or defender concedes!

9. Scoring points

  • 3 points for a goalkeeper or defender that keeps a clean sheet (includes appearance point).

10. How to get involved.

  • Ask your League Chairman for an Entry Form, use the player list to pick your team
  • Youll need to know your school League ID if you want to register a team!

11. What you can win.

  • Manager of the Month certificates
  • The Awards Pack contains a school trophy, boxed runners-up medals and eight pin badges for year group winners.
  • Special GHS prizes


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