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SCL's products and services


  • GLOBAL FOREIGN EXCHANGEAND PREPAID SPECIALISTSProviding secure, efficient anduser friendly software solutions


    TRAVEL MONEYAll-encompassing

    travel money service management

    PREPAIDManages the sale

    and inventory of openand closed loop cards

    2-3 4

    For many, money services offer a new way to complement or diversify their business and drive new revenue.

    At SCL, we take the effort and complexity out of launching and running travel money and prepaid card services, leaving you free to focus on your business and drive sales.

    Our easy to use online software automates the entire process, making the management of a travel money service or prepaid card programme simple, efficient and accurate.

    From small independents to large international corporations, for legacy replacements or new service launches, SCL provides the scalability, flexibility and support to fast-track your money services to success.

    If you would like any further information please contact us using the details below:

    01273 666600

  • SCL helps you take the complexity out of managing foreign exchange (FX) services and travel money cards

    More people are travelling than ever before. They need fast access to low cost and convenient foreign currency. Our travel money software lets you do this - and more.

    Automated tools perform all the steps required to buy and sell currency including compliance and auditing processes at a fraction of the time and cost of manually managing the service.

    Stock management, rate maintenance and reporting tools combine to boost productivity AND control.

    With SCL, you can launch exciting new services, from travel money cards to online sales and click and collect from a single, seamless, integrated system.




    If youre a small organisation, typically with 10 branches or less, you can access all the key functions of UltraPoS with our small business edition (USBE).

    USBE users have access to the same underlying system as some of the UKs largest FX businesses, providing all the tools and support you need to be able to set-up and run your travel money business successfully.

    USBE has an easy to use, intuitive transaction process which manages the sale of foreign currency banknotes, travellers cheques and records other products such as money transfers. Our dedicated team of USBE specialists provide you with system training.

    USBEs reporting function offers users a wide range of reports that includes profit and loss, transactions and stock movement. Reports can be filtered to be viewed by branch, till, user or location; so you only need to view the information you want to at any given time.

    Our FX software has configurable mandatory customer details fields with multiple thresholds to meet individual customer compliance requirements.

    Buy and sell all major currencies

    Two additional products can be sold via USBE

    Accept and redeem deposits

    Record money transfer sales

    Apply fees e.g. credit card charges

    Extensive range of real-time reports available

    Import rates from all major currency suppliers

    Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering facilities (AML)

    UK sanctions list checks

    Full audit trail

    Four fixed user access levels available

  • FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE BUSINESSTypically suitable for over ten branches, our travel money software for medium to large business is highly configurable putting you in greater control of your FX service.

    Routine processes are performed automatically, so staff can focus on customer service. Real-time rate management allows you to adjust your rates quickly and competitively in reaction to the market, and attract shoppers looking for the best deals.

    FX services can also be linked direct to back office systems for automatic end of day reconciliation and to eliminate the manual processes that sap resource and cause error.

    We reduce the effort involved in complying with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory standards. Our software automates the paper trail for easier auditing and full accountability and aids security processes, identification and authorisation.

    A range of add-on services are available to enhance your travel money business such as a fully integrated B2C website for click and collect and home delivery online orders. Hosted by SCL, this can be customised, branded and seamlessly integrated into your website and UltraPoS.

    Other services include banknote and ID verification, postcode look up, money transfers and improved stock management.

    * Services provided by third party partners


    Buy and sell all major currencies

    Sell and re-load travel money cards

    Unlimited additional products e.g. phone cards, gift vouchers, travel insurance and maps

    Extensive number of reports available

    Import rates from all major currency suppliers

    Integration in to back office systems such as general ledger

    Full audit trail

    Multiple user access levels

    A large variety of customer types

    Extensive number of rate bands (e.g. regional or tiered)

    Wide range of charge bands

    Fully integrated B2C click and collect and home delivery website

    Ordering sites for both FX and travel money cards

    Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering facilities (AML)

    Fully integrated money transfers service*

    Integrated Banknote and ID Verification service*

    Integrated postcode look up service*

  • 4SCL helps you branch out with innovative new ways to add value to your prepaid program and seamlessly manage services across multiple channels, markets and currencies.

    Our open transaction network and market-leading UltraPoS software simplifies and supports rapid roll out of multiple services for both open and closed loop cards such as gift and travel money cards.

    UltraPoS enables real-time service reporting and inventory management across your outlets, providing a single prepaid sales solution across a range of channels including PC-based ePoS terminals, self-service kiosks and tablets.

    At last you can achieve your growth ambitions, boost profits and attract customers with exciting new prepaid services that are really easy for our sales staff to fulfil.




    We support multiple products, platforms, card processors, issuers, languages and currencies so you can sell and manage multiple types of prepaid card, third party branded or in-house.

    UltraPoS isnt limited to prepaid cards, it can also facilitate the sale of other products, financial and non-financial, such as phone cards, SIM cards, gift card packaging, maps and tickets.

    Our highly configurable platform and automated reports help to ensure that youre fully compliant with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory standards and can also be customised to reflect local legislation.

    We are PCI DSS Certified (Level 1 Service Provider), this standard is maintained through annual audits ensuring your data is always secure.

    Sophisticated inventory management empowers you to track the whereabouts, status and history of any prepaid product within your network. This is unique; no other software in the prepaid market offers this capability. In addition, our wide range of reports not only helps minimise fraud and manage stock but also helps you identify marketing opportunities and create unique and targeted incentive programs.

    Our UltraPoS Stored Value App, available on iPad, allows users to target customers easily, taking the sale directly to them. This sales channel can be run simultaneously with others or can be used as a standalone service. Enabled with an email receipt function, it eliminates the need for a receipt printer, is easy to download and requires minimal training.

  • Park Gate / 161-163 Preston Road / Brighton / East Sussex / BN1 6AU

    01273 666600