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All Ports Cargo Services SCOR Model Plan Source Make Deliver Return



2. GROUP MEMBERS KHALIL ULLAH NAYMAT SYED AHMAR HUSSAIN ZAIDI SYED M. SHAHZAIB ZAIDI IMAAD TAHIR SAAD MUNAMI SOBIA SALEEM 3. INTRODUCTION Formed 1963 by John Clayton and Will Toye Leading privately held global freight forwarder among DHL, Agility, FedEx etc. Serving in 30 countries but also working as Representator in other 100 countries. Values are built around customers and colleagues 4. PAKISTAN ACSPK started operations in April 2010 and almost 4 Years already been passed with remarkable achievement in local market. ACS have 3 offices in Pakistan (Karachi-HQ, Faisalabad, Lahore) and 2 warehouses at Port Qasim and KPT. Karachi is the main market for Pakistan industry. At moment ACS is working with 07 huge customers in Karachi like Denim, Lucky Cements, Gul Ahmed etc. 5. SCOR MODEL Process Modeling 1. Plan 2. Source 3. Make 4. Deliver 5. Return Performance Measurement Best Practices 6. ACS SCOR MODEL Process Modeling PLANNING As a freight forwarder ACS thinks from the top to the bottom for: Demand Control Place Profit 7. Air Freight Extensive Flight Schedules for Daily Air shipments from Airports to Airports Choosing the best airline Managing The Close Contact with Client and Airline Providing best competitive delivery charges 8. Sea Freight 1. Mostly booked in containers FCL (full container load) LCL (less container load) Manage rates of FCL and LCL. Yearly contract with carrier providers. Maintaining documentation. 9. Road Freight Road transportation is completely outsourced in Pakistan. No concept of on time Delivery Political instability Weak infrastructure Maintaining continuous relationship with transporters. 10. WAREHOUSING 3 types of area available in warehouse Air condition area Hanger Normal Sorting and Break-bulk for LCL containers. Cross Docking Sniff Checking at terminal Security checking 24/7 11. SOURCE Best possible transportation at best feasible rate. Multi Sourcing Negotiation Sources for Airlines Emirates Qatar Airways Etihad Airways PIA Sources for Sea Maersk Shipping American President Line (APL) 12. SOURCE (continue..) Agreement with transporters by maintaining good relationship. Transporters performance evaluation. Search for new manufacturers who want to export product internationally or international producers want to capture Pakistani market. Two ways of transportation Assigned (Consigner or Consignee) Hire by company 13. MAKE 1. DOCUMENTATION Certificate Of Origin Consular Invoice Commercial Invoice Air Freight Shipments Bill Of Lading 2. WEIGHT 3. CHECKING Duties And Taxes Documentation Checking Illegal Goods Checking Hazardous Goods Checking 4. PACKAGING 14. 1. DOCUMENTATION Every country has different requirement for documentation. Documentation must be Precise Up to date To the point Understandable Certificate of origin Required by some nations which is signed by semiofficial organizations. Commercial invoice Required by law to provide the detail of shipments for the purpose paying duties and taxes. Air Freight shipment. Contact of shipper with airline to send their shipment i.e. Air-waybills (AWB). 15. 2. WEIGHT The most important part of shipments. In air money is charged in kg In sea depends upon LCL (less container load) FCL (Full container load) 16. 3. CHECKING Checking of goods is necessary to get rid of unnecessary charges. Duties and Taxes: ACS has a large check security procedure like Microscopically checked scrutiny to check shipment is cleared from all duties and taxes to avoid any charges against company. Documentation Checking: Check all the documents to confirm shipment is legally and custom cleared. 17. 3. CHECKING (Continue..) Illegal Goods Checking: to maintain Good will Image Prestige ACS has trained staff who check every consignment to see if any illegal items and clear the items. Hazardous Goods: ACS properly check the hazardous goods to reduce the risk of accident. 18. 4. PACKAGING The main competency of ACS is to deliver goods safely to end destination. Therefore to minimize the risk of damage ACS provides best packaging. 19. DELIVER Most Strongest part, Three ways: Door to Door: Picked From manufacturer and transported to receiver as ordered. Port to Port: Jinnah terminal to Jfk 20. DELIVER Warehouse to Warehouse: Manufacturers to receivers warehouse refer, hanging container, 20 ft. or 40 ft., extra cube size containers Excellent source of profit 21. Application provides solution related to logistics Tracking Communication 22. RETURN Not much followed. If receiver denies, returned to sender. If packing is damaged , repacked(ACS) If main item is damaged, no insurance policy 23. CONCLUSION Bench mark such as DHL, UPS and FedEx. Doing their best to out run their competitors. Feasible rates with high quality service Regular process checkup Bad is eliminated and good is followed


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