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Scotch Brite – Enhancing the digital presence

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Scotch Brite – Enhancing the digital presence

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This presentation covers

About Scotch Brite


The understanding

Target audience


Digital framework


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Scotch Brite - Your Helping Hand

Scotch Brite - Your helping hand in creating a clean and hygienic home environment.

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About Scotch Brite

• Scotch Brite is the market leader in the Utensil Scourers category

• From the house of 3M - an American multinational conglomerate

• Owns about 60% market share for scrub pads

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Perceptions and Beliefs

• Consumers see very little tangible difference between Scotch Brite and conventional cleaning tool

• According to customers - All cleaning scrubs are same

• The category is dominated by the unorganized segment – Nylon / plastic scrubbers, steel wool, steel scrubs

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Amplify – the positioning of the brand as “Your helping hand on the online platform

Establish - a strong brand experience

Convert - Creating conversions by taking the “your helping hand” theme beyond its value proposition

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The audience - Socially active housewives

Age group22 - 45


Socio EconomicClassification – A, B+

Using me-too scrubber

Maintains cleanlinessAnd hygiene

Brand conscious

Seek value for money

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YouTube content category


Product Demo


Present and

Past TVCsHome tips

Expert demo

on how to use,

clean and care

for Scotch

Brite products

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The challenge

60% of the cleaning activity is performed by the housemaids rather than the homemaker (TG – SEC A, online savvy housewives).

Apart from the Scotch Brite Scrubber, homemakers lack awareness about other product range.

Price sensitive consumer can choose any cheaper me-too brand. Hence, there is a need to establish a strong rational bond with the brand.

Page 10: Scotch Brite - Social campaigns

The way forward

Leverage relevant digital platforms to make Scotch Brite synonymous with

360 degree hygiene and qual ity c leaning brand.

Health and hygiene quotient

Scotch Brite

Complete product range

Long lasting attributes of the



Reach out to new and

existing customers through

brand-specific digital touch


Empower customers with the

choice of product


Provide platform for

consumers to speak out in

support of the brand

Word of mouth - recommend

the brand to friends on social

media platforms


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Scotch Brite – Campaign ideas

Page 12: Scotch Brite - Social campaigns

Campaign theme –

Scotch BriteClean Revolution

Page 13: Scotch Brite - Social campaigns

Scotch Brite's Clean Revolution

Like the Facebook page

Tell us why Scotch Brite is your best helping hand in clean revolution

Post your Revolt Pic with any Scotch Brite Product

Best answers and pics will win vouchers / goodies from Scotch Brite

A vision for a smarter,cleaner and more hygienic

Homes and kitchen

This digital initiative aims to share the vision of Scotch Brite - Clean

and Hygienic homes. Thus inspiring people to adopt Scotch Brite and

enhance the quality of hygiene at home.

To join the Scotch Brite Revolutions and win Fabulous prizes -

Page 14: Scotch Brite - Social campaigns

Fun contest

Match the stain with the correct

Scotch Brite product

It’s a timer based contest where the

fans have to complete the task within


Fans who complete in lesser time will

collect reward points which they can

redeem for goodies

Timer based facebook App

Page 15: Scotch Brite - Social campaigns

On Pinterest

A pinterest contest where Scotch Brite

products have a missing part.

Pinners need to match the right parts.

They can visit facebook or website to

get the hint.

Fans who complete the puzzle will be


Pinners can redeem the points for gift


Recommend it to friends

Pinterest Puzzle

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