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SCOTT JOPLIN Born November 24,1868 Died April 1, 1917

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Scott Joplin. Born November 24,1868 Died April 1, 1917. Scott Joplin. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Born November 24,1868

Died April 1, 1917

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His parents were musical, as a child he took piano lessons, After the Columbian exposition he moved to Sedalia, Missouri to study music at George R. Smith college . His first major success came at age 31, with a piano piece entitled Maple leaf Rag, it was published by a St. Louis publisher and sold over a million copies., with this sudden success he married and moved to St. Louis to become a pianist and musical director of an opera company, owned by his music publisher.

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At age 38 he began To compose much larger works, including a ballet,(the ragtime dance), and an opera (A guest of honor). Between 1900- 1906 he wrote more than 50 piano rags, including a listening example, The Entertainer. In 1907 he divorced from his wife, and moved to New York City, and began work on a major opera called Treemonisha. Which was never performed, it wasn’t until 1972, 55 years after his death that it was given a full performance.

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Scott Joplin was considered “King of Ragtime”. Ragtime music was very popular between 1890 and 1910 and it was one of the first truly American forms of Music..


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1976, 59 years after his death, Joplin was awarded the Pulitzer prize.

His piano piece the entertainer, was featured in the movie sting .

His goal was to make ragtime music respectable as a serious style of music.


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