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  2. 2. Representation This film inspired us because it uses a female protagonist which we decided to use in our film as it breaks the stereotype of thriller films.
  3. 3. Titles and Graphics We liked this font because it has a creepy effect and sets the mood for a thriller film. We decided this type of font would fit in well with our film because we want it to jump and put the audience on edge. Our title also has numbers and we like the way the number has been incorporated into the title.
  4. 4. Camerawork Extreme close ups give the impression that there is mystery in the scene.Fish Tanks uses a hand held camera for their opening scene. We like this effect because it makes the film seem more realistic and if we use it in ours, it will give the effect of someone following. An establishing shot shows the setting. We will be using an establishing shot in our film to show the creepy area she is in.
  5. 5. Sound Scream uses mainly diegetic sound. This makes the film more realistic and allows for silences to create suspense. We want to use the effect of just diegetic sound in our film.
  6. 6. Mise en sc ne Typical thrillers use low key lighting to create an atmosphere full of suspense. We will use low key lighting in our opening. It also makes the location look dark and spooky. In our film, we want to bring in an element of social realist. To do this we will use urban clothing. Fish Tank was a good example of urban clothing. Use of props create an enigma code and draws the audience in. We decided to use a mobile phone to create the same effect.
  7. 7. Editing Fish Tank uses continuity editing. This creates an element of social realist again because nothing is being missed out. The audience sees everything chronologically. We want to use continuity editing in our film to merge the two genres together.