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SDPSSNGO-World aids day 2010With Regards,J. SAM DEVADURAIProgramme ManagerE-mail : [email protected]@gmail.comPh - 0427 - 2310575Cell-9629330025SALEM DISTRICT PEOPLE SERVICE


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Page 2: SDPSSNGO-World aids day 2010

Programme Activities Program me Area

HIV/AIDS Awareness Through

Cultural Group

We cover 3 Blocks in Salem Area

in 4 Days

Omalur, Tharamangalam, Salem Town

Drawing Competition Local school, church and College Salem Town

AIDS Awareness Stall in Public

Gathering Places

Awarness Posters, IEC Material New Busstand

Nutrition support Program me We Provide 500 Nutrition Bags to

PLHIV children’s & women’s


Nutrition Things

Nutrition Things Nutrition Facts Benefit Of Nutrition

Green Gram 1KG

Raagi Powder 1KG

Grout Nut 1 KG

Bengal Gram 1KG

Red Gram 1 KG

Date Fruits 1 KG





Vitmin A,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,D & Folic Acid

Weight Increase,

Memory Strength,

Blood Cells,

Bowel Function,

General Health Longevity

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HIV/AIDS Awareness through Cultural Group

Omalur, Tharamangalam, Salem Town

Page 4: SDPSSNGO-World aids day 2010

Drawing Competition

Drawing Competition Local School, church and College.

Page 5: SDPSSNGO-World aids day 2010

AIDS Awareness in Public Gathering Places

Collector-MR.Chandra Kumar IAS Start The Cycle Rally and Signature Cam pine

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AIDS Awareness Stall in Public Gathering Places

Page 7: SDPSSNGO-World aids day 2010

Our WORLD AIDS DAY STALL AWARENESS PROGRAMME – 2010 will be innogration by Salem District Mayer

[Mrs. Rekapriya Dharshini] and Salem District Collector [Mr. Chandrakumar] at New Bus Stand – Salem District

. Important participants are Mr.Nirmalson [ DDHS - District Director of Health Supervisor – Salem ]

Dr.Arunachalam [ District Project Manager – District AIDS Programme Control Unit - Salem ] , Mr.Selvam [

District Supervisor - District AIDS Programme Control Unit – Salem ] , Dr.SenthaKrishna [ Medical Officer of ART

Centre – Govt. Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College & Hospital – Salem ] , Dr.Arunagiri [ RNTCP – Revised

National Tuberculosis Control Programme - Salem District ] . General peoples are participate and get

awareness of HIV / AIDS IEC [ Information , Communication and Education ] materials in this programme

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Paper Cutting

World Aids Day Programme-2010 Video Link

Page 9: SDPSSNGO-World aids day 2010

Appreciation Letter

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