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    Search Engine Dominator 2

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    Search Engine Dominator 2

    Power Backlinks

    If you are here then you should already have read in full the Search

    Engine Dominator 1 book. This book here will build upon what is held within the first book.

    In this section we are going to look very specifically at offsite SEO –

    getting lots of good backlinks – and as easily as possible.

    I don’t want you to waste your time on other methods of getting backlinks which might vaguely work, but take hours and hours of

    hard and boring work.

    So you need to know the fastest and most effective ways to do

    things, not the long and slow ways.

    You have to get precious about your time. You can’t get it back.

    So invest your time wisely when it comes to getting backlinks and SEO in general. You want the maximum return for your time-input.

    NOTE: I am going to give you some background information on a touch of the history of some of the concepts and processes – simply

    because then you will understand how it has evolved and WHY it works and how you can do it all EASIER using the strategies

    outlined here.

    Also I am going to outline how you can do it all for free – which

    means a lot more work on your part. And I am also going to show you how WE do it exactly, and how much faster and easier we get it

    done. Things have changed, some for the better.

    So while I am going to explain some of the concepts to you here so you understand what needs to happen and why, you don’t need to

    be doing all of the manual parts of the process (some you will).

    This is because we use tried and tested automation software to do the bulk of the work for us, and we have honed down the process to

    only what matters and what makes a positive difference.

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    Google changes and tweaks things regularly. It is VITAL that you

    stay up to date and up to speed with the latest changes, so you are not doing something irrelevant and waste of your time, or worse,

    damaging to your search engine positions.

    For instance, in early 2012, Google stamped down hard on blog/article syndication networks, such as Build My Rank and

    others. 2013 and every year since saw a good few major changes too. But all of the Search Engine Dominator process applies right


    The entire network of many thousands of blog sites within the Build My Rank network were completely deindexed from Google –

    removed from the Google index. That meant that the whole system

    was null and void, so the Build My Rank company did the only decent thing they could do – they shut up shop and closed down.

    So you need to make sure you are completely up to date on all

    these changes and which (if any) of such tools you should use for effective results.

    That said, blog networks still work. Google simply killed a

    prominent pubic one. Just build your own private blog network.

    Let’s get started. First some background on linking structure…

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    The Absolute Most Important Thing To Remember

    This next thing is SO important, I have given it its own page…

    1. You must on no account have an over-dominance of any one

    type of backlink source (eg all from blog comments or articles etc)

    2. You must on no account have an over-dominance of any one

    anchor text (link text)

    You must, must, must have DIVERSITY

    1. Diversity of backlink anchor text

    2. Diversity of backlink sources (some blog comments,

    some articles, some other websites linking to you etc)

    3. Diversity of where the backlinks are pointing TO. Do not get all or most of your backlinks to your homepage.

    They should be spread to deeper pages within your site.

    This is covered in greater detail throughout the rest of this book, but you need to vary the anchor text of your backlinks,

    vary the source/type and vary what page is linked to on your site.

    So use a number of the following backlink methods.

    Don’t use the same keyword in every backlink you create. Use

    many different link text options.

    Link to your home page and many other pages on your site. Make it relevant to the page from which the link is being gotten. So link

    to each of your blog pages.

    Read on for more…

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    Linking Structure – How You Link

    From Where Is Important

    NOTE: With all link building it is important that you do not do one big drive to get links then stop. It is better that Google sees a

    regular increase in the number of links … a sudden boost, then nothing would look like a ‘spam’ trick, so keep it regular – little and

    often rather than a one-hit wonder.

    That said, bursts do happen naturally. Imagine if you got a write- up in a national newspaper or on or You would

    almost certainly see a sudden surge in traffic and more sites then linking to you because they saw you on these major sites. That is


    In the past reciprocal linking (you link to me, I link to you) has been

    a sound idea. It still is to a certain degree – just potentially not as good and powerful as before. Just keep it to a small, small

    proportion of your overall SEO efforts.

    So there are better ways to get sites to link to your site.

    You want as many powerful, one-way links to your site as possible.

    NOTE: When we say “backlinks” we are referring predominantly to one-way links to your site.

    When you ask a site to link to your site, usually they want

    something in return – for instance a link to their site.

    You can – and should – suggest that your content is of value to

    their site visitors and hence they are doing a service and helping their visitors.

    That aside, you can offer them a backlink in return – just not from

    the site they are linking to. You can get them a backlink from another site, maybe one of your own sites or from another source.

    Consider other linking structures…

    Reciprocal link exchanging is where site A links to site B, and site B

    links to site A.


    A -> B -> A

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    Better than this, you can use circular linking whereby …

    A -> B -> C -> D ->E -> F ->G -> A

    Better still, linear links do not link back to the original site ie

    A -> B -> C -> D ->E -> F ->G

    In this last example, site G gets the most SEO power – but each site benefits in general. If you own them all…

    Remember this … You don’t HAVE to only get links from other

    websites like yours (you can, and that is good, but that is not the whole story).

    Relevance is still very important so don’t go getting random, unrelated sites to link to you.

    Filling Up Your Cup Consider this as a metaphor – a method for visualising how to think

    about backlinks in general…

    Think of your site as a cup or bucket. Imagine the backlinks from other sites