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Second Language Literacy Instruction. Izora Brown. Second Language literacy instruction. K ey steps in Second Language Literacy Instruction Motivation for learning Making the connection Learning conditions Instructor’s language Mode of instruction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Second Language Literacy InstructionIzora Brown

Second Language literacy instructionKey steps in Second Language Literacy Instruction

Motivation for learningMaking the connectionLearning conditionsInstructors languageMode of instruction

Second Language literacy instructionMotivation for learning

To motivate students, particularly Second Language Learners, you need to show them you have the commitment to their learningYou need to have clear objectives, well designed materials, and a clear transmission of informationDesign activities that students can research and pair them with classmates so they can ask each other questions.Make sure you are using technology in your classroom Second Language literacy instructionMaking the connection with Second Language Learners

Learn about their culture and valuesDont assume Second Language Learners know about the customs or normsProvide a supporting and comfortable environmentPromote classroom activities and group assignmentsTrade words in language so they can learn a word from you and you can learn a word from them.

Second Language literacy instructionLearning conditions

Is your classroom designed for effective teaching? Too big or too small? Provide an atmosphere that is conducive to reach all of your studentsMade it easily accessible for student-teacher interactions.Make for a friendly and homey environment. Second Language literacy instructionInstructors language

The tone and speed of your voice should be altered for clear understanding. Speak slowly and pronounce your words clearly.Dont use complex terms or language. SLLs are learning the language and using difficult words would only confuse them. Rely on hand gestures, visual cues, and props. This can help them follow along more easily. Second Language literacy instructionMode of Instruction

Students learn by doing. Design activities so they are constantly engagedHave interactive games readily availableUse visual aids to they can see how to connect the content to the assignmentsUse a variety of teaching formatsIf possible, provide immediate feedback


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