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Section 4 (Day 4). Information Processing: Personal Factors. Bell Ringer. Write a half page red to red about. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 from 21? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Section 4(Day 4)Information Processing: Personal Factors

  • Bell RingerDo you agree or disagree with the following statement? Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 from 21? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

    Save these to be turned in with your test! Worth 10% of your grade. Write a half page red to red about.

  • ReminderBring paper/pen/pencil and notebookElectronics are for instructional use with permission Did you do Section 4 Day 3 quiz??No Excuses why you didnt take Quizzes 1-6 before test day!! (Quizzes are worth 30% of grade)Attendance is MANDATORY!! (NO SLEEPING in class)All notes can be found on Harrisonburgs staff website: you are NOT taking notes in class, please be quiet and ask to use the restroom at the end of class.

  • This is what you are trying to get at the end of class..Harrisonburg High SchoolH.C.P.S36x03/06/2012Your Name HereGreen Card

  • Day 4 Objectives The students will be able to understand that Drinking and driving at any age is illegalThe students will be able to understand the difference between blood alcohol concentration and Blood alcohol contentThe students will be able to understand proofThe students will be able to understand blood alcohol concentration factors

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  • Introduction to Alcohol

  • Zero ToleranceIf you are under age 21 and drive with a BAC of at least .02%, but less than .08%, you can be fined up to $500 and have your license suspended for six months.You also face a possible jail term for driving while intoxicatedZero Tolerance

  • This is the implied consent lawA breath test is taken and the results show an illegal BAC or if a driver refuses to submit to the breath test, the persons license or the privilege to operate a motor vehicle is suspended immediately for 7 days.Administrative License Suspension

  • What does B.A.C stand for?Blood alcohol concentration: the percentage of alcohol related to the total amount of blood in the body.For example: 1 drop of alcohol per 999 drops of blood equals .10 BAC per every 1,000 drops of fluid.

  • What does B.A.C stand for?Alcohol content: the amount of alcohol consumed. For example: one 12 ounce beer is .57 ounce of alcohol consumed or one shot of 80 proof whiskey is .40 ounce alcohol consumed.Driving ability can be affected by only one drink

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration FactorsLiquorBeerWeight (blood volume)Time Spent DrinkingGenderFoodAlcohol Content and Size of DrinkWineFactors affecting BACDont write these

  • BAC FactorsWeightHeavier people have more blood and other body fluids to dilute alcohol consumed.0.040.08220 lbs110 lbsTime Spent Drinking90% of the alcohol detoxified (burned up) is by the liver10% is eliminated in breath, urine, and sweatTheir BAC level will be lower than the BAC of a smaller person who drank the same volume of alcohol.On average, a persons BAC is oxidized at a rate of 0.015 per hourNOTE: Alcohol is toxic to the liver and brain. Hence, the term intoxication denotes the toxic effect alcohol has on these organs.

  • BAC FactorsGenderWomen process alcohol at a slower rate than men. This is because they usually weigh less and produce less of the enzyme dehydrogenase needed by the liver to break down alcohol. Men also have a higher percentage of body fluids which dilutes the alcohol.

    FoodThe amount of food in your stomach does very little to reduce the effect alcohol has on the brain and liver. However, food does coat the lining of the stomach and slows absorption into the blood stream.Note: When alcohol is mixed with carbonated beverages the absorption rate is faster because gases are absorbed faster than liquids.

  • Are They The Same ?Beer, Whiskey, Wine, Cooler, MargaritaIf I drink 3 beers, you drink 3 glasses of wine and your friend has liquor.Did we all drink the same amount of alcohol?===?

  • Are They The Same ?MythA DRINK is:a 12-ounce beer,a 4- to 6-ounce glass of wine, ora shot of liquor.FactA DRINK is an ounce of alcohol.

  • Drink Equivalents%OuncesDrinkAlcohol4.2 12Beer .50 oz.6.1 8Beer .48 oz.10 5Wine .50 oz.14 3.5Wine .49 oz.40 1.25Liquor* .50 oz.50 1.0 Liquor .50 oz.75 .67Liquor .50 oz.Drinks come in different sizes and they come with different alcohol contents

  • How Much Alcohol Do They Contain?BeverageAlcohol %

    Beer3 11 %

    Wine8 25 %

    Liquor26 - 75.5 %

    Pure Grain Alcohol95 99 %

  • How Much Light Beer?

    Based on light beer with 4.2% alcohol by volume consumed in 1 hour. NOTE: The alcohol content of light beer varies from 3.3 to 4.4 %.WeightOz. Light BACOz. Light BAC Oz. Light BAC Beer Beer Beer2001801601401201000. oz.20 oz.18 oz.16 oz.14 oz.11 oz. oz.33 oz.30 oz.27 oz.22 oz.20 oz. oz.46 oz.41 oz.37 oz.32 oz.28 oz.

    MALE20018016014012010018 oz.16 oz.14 oz.12 oz.10 oz. 7 oz.30 oz.27 oz.22 oz.20 oz.18 oz.16 oz.41 oz.37 oz.32 oz.28 oz.26 oz.21 oz.FEMALE0.

  • Elimination RateExampleBased on 1 drink per hour for 6 hours150 lb maleBAC in (6 hr. x .03) = .18BAC out (6 hr. x .015) = .09BAC after 6 hr. (.18 - .09) = .09 BAC remaining

    150 lb femaleBAC in (6 hr. x .033) = .198BAC out (6 hr. x .015) = .09BAC after 6 hr. (.198 - .09) = .108 BAC remaining

    With shoulder partner, calculate how long to sober

  • Take Responsibility Say No to drinking and driving.Drinking and driving at any age is IllegalMixing alcohol and driving is the leading cause of older teenage drivers crashes.NO Thanks Im Driving

  • Proof of AlcoholProof means twice the actual alcohol content80 proof is 40% alcohol90 proof is 45% alcoholEtc etcLiquorWineBeer

  • Impact of Alcohol Crashes on Virginians* Crash statistics available at and

  • Costs of Drinking & Driving in VAPROCESSOFFENDERS TIME & COSTSTIMECONSEQUENCES/COSTSTraffic Stop, Field Test3 5 HoursIf juvenile, parents notifiedArrest, Breath TestBookingMagistrate Reviews1 2 HoursAfter booking: Immediate 7 dayIncident Reportsuspension of Drivers License(Setting Bond, Booking)Posting BailWill be held till$500 Unsecuredsober toMinimum 4 hours$2500 SecuredCar Towed1 2 Hours$100 Towing Fee(unless there is another sober driver in vehicle)

  • PROCESSTIMECONSEQUENCES/COSTSOFFENDERS TIME & COSTSReturn to General1 2 HoursTime lost from work or schoolDistrict Court after7 days to retrieve Drivers LicenseHiring an Attorney1 3 Hours$112 Court Appointedmeeting with tocounsel/retaining$1500 - $4000 Private CounselcounselAppearing in Court1 3 Hours per2 days work/school missedCourt appearance(Minimum 2appearances)Costs of Drinking & Driving in VA

  • PROCESSTIMECONSEQUENCES/COSTSOFFENDERS TIME & COSTSPaying Court Costs License can/will beCourt Cost = $164suspendedFine = $250 - $1000depending on Felony Convictionoffense classLoss of VotingRights & Right toBear ArmsJail Time0 12 Months0 - $500 Fine(depends on BAC.20 BAC has a mandatoryand number of5-day jail & $250 fineprevious con-.25 BAC has a mandatoryvictions: can be10-day jail & $250 finemandatory)2nd offense within 5 yearshas a mandatory 5-day jailand $500 finePLUS: If a juvenile is incar = $500 fine and 5-dayjailCosts of Drinking & Driving in VA

  • PROCESS TIME & COSTSTIMECONSEQUENCES/COSTSTrip to DMV for1 2 Hours $120 Fee for required restrictedRestricted Drivers licenseLicense for 12 months Drivers License marked with (1st offense) a BIG Red letter R for restrictedAttend Alcohol SafetyMinimum 20 hours $350 plus $25 per sighted drugAction Program ten week alcohol screen as required plus any (ASAP)education course other treatment costs Notify Insurance Co.Must apply for $1000 - $2,000 increase in carSR22 on Drivers insurance per yearLicense (3-5 years)Obtain Non-restricted1 2 Hours at DMV $10 feeTotal Cost: $5,000 - $20,000 The costs in time, money and lives for drinking and driving is HUGE! Remember drinking & driving is illegal at any age.Costs of Drinking & Driving in VA

  • Elimination RateMythThe average person can tolerate one drink per hour without substantial impairment.FactsSobriety returns ONLY with time.Alcohol is eliminated at approximately .015 BAC per hour.Titanic PrincipleIf you take in more than your system can pump out, sooner or later youll sink!

  • So what is the only factor that removes alcohol form the body?TIME!!

  • Class WorkRead pages 56-57in your drivers education book. Do Lesson 1 Review questions(1-3) on page 57.Write the questions.Save these to be turned in with your test.

    Dont forget to take Section 4 Day 4 Quiz on

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