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Section A #8 Choosing the Right Color. Mood What mood do you want to create People Think about the people who will be in the area Style The style may influence the color choice(s). Spanish style = rust colored walls Items in the room - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Section A #8 Choosing the Right ColorMoodWhat mood do you want to createPeopleThink about the people who will be in the areaStyleThe style may influence the color choice(s). Spanish style = rust colored wallsItems in the roomChoose an item in the room, and one of its colors as the main color for your room. Then choose accent colors based on your knowledge of color schemes.TimeThe amount of time that will be spent in the roomExisting ColorsSome room components cant be changed so incorporate them.Adjacent RoomsCreate a unified look with rooms that you can see.LightingNatural light shows objects in true colors. Artificial lights make color appear blue or yellow1Using Color CorrectlyColors seem more intense when applied to large areas. Choose a color several tints lighter than the color actually desired.Using contrasting colors draws attention. Remember, too many strong contrast values in a room can be confusing and tiring.Choosing colors that have similar values will create a restful mood in the room.

2Color schemes/harmonies look better when one color, the base color, dominates. When you use equal amounts of two or more colors, your eyes become confused and your color selection seems clutteredThe value of a hue changes the apparent size of a room.Dark ceiling (dull) appears lower and closer and light (bright) colored walls appear further away.If a room is small, choose colors that will make the room appear larger. (tints, low-intensity colors, and cool hues)Lighter walls makes it appear larger

3If a room is very large, choose colors that will make it look smaller. (Shades, high-intensity colors, and warm hues)Darker walls make a room appear smallerBright colors convey an informal environmentUse High-intensity colors in small amounts such as accent colors in accessories or small pieces of furniture.Black unifies when a number of colors are used.

Complete Assignment #4 Creating Effects with color ScenarioFACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE CHOOSING COLORSSTYLE




LIGHTINGNatural: TRUE COLORArtificial: More Yellow or Blue

COLOR PSYCHOLOGYHOLIDAY COLORINGChoose a holiday picture and color it using different colors than the actual holiday Red and Green for Christmas

Color7The Psychology of ColorThink of all the clichs youve heard regarding color:

Red as BloodFeeling BlueGreen with EnvyYellow with fear8Psychology of Color Affects:Feelings, temperament, mood If a particular color is preferred, it is most likely needed by the TemperatureEnergy level, fatigue, stress levelTasteVisual perception, eyesightComfort9Colors can have a significant impact on the way we feel.How does this color make you feel?How does this color make you feel?How does this color make you feel?

How does this color make you feel?

10Colors can have a significant impact on the way we feel.How does this color make you feel?

How does this color make you feel?

How does this color make you feel?

How does this color make you feel?

11In your study guide answer:3. Color in Food4. Smells associated with colors5. Sounds related to colors6. Memories related to colorsWhat Color is Your Personality?1. Click on the link for the first personality test

2. In your study guide- Write down what your favorite color is on #1.- Write down what your most disliked color is #2.::: COLORSTROLOGY ::: Guide NotesBack on the blog page is a mate selection test based on your choices of favorite color and most disliked color. Who are you best suited for?Use the next following slides to interpret your color choices and to learn more about color.While this information should not be taken too seriously, it is fun to consider.Use the slides to also complete #7, 8, 9 in the study guide.

REDYou want to be part of the action and are quite impulsive. Outspoken, quick-tempered and intense, are words that describe your personality. In a crowd you are dynamic and noticeable. If youre not careful you can become overbearing. You are emotional, exciting, and athletic. You give your opinion whether others will agree with you or not. Life for you must be lived to the fullest.15REDWARMADVANCINGDANGERANGEREXCITEMENTStrong, powerful, eye-catching, stop, fireADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTSREDExciting, Aggressive, Energetic, Power, Anger, Danger, Courage, Tension Heat/Fire, Nervous, Bold, EmotionalTinted: Tends toward femininity, softness, sweetnessToned: tends toward serenity, quieting, embracingShades: create warmth, masculinity, sophisticationFirst color seen by a newborn when he starts to see color.Drivers of red sports cars are issued more traffic tickets.Stimulates the appetite, causes you to lose track of time, and effects breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, motor skills, and the development of healing muscles.


ORANGEYou are unique. You are friendly and get along well with others. You radiate warmth and inspire those you are with. You tend to be social and are drawn to groups of people. You are the hearth of the home and grateful for family and friends.19ORANGEWARMADVANCINGHAPPYEXCITINGFRIENDLYCOURAGEAutumn, less aggressive than redADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTS OrangeExciting, exotic, stimulating, happy, full of life, eye-catching, informal, fun-loving, friendly,, hopeful, full of energy.Warm, advancingInexpensive stimulates the appetitegood for fast food restaurants


YELLOWYou are intellectual and drawn toward the new and modern. High spirited, cheerful, and idealistic best describe your personality. You are vivacious, extroverted and comedic. You have strong opinions and can be stubborn. You life by high standards and give sound advice.23YELLOWWARMADVANCINGCHEERFULSUNNYHAPPYCOWARDFRIENDLYADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTSYELLOWCheerful, Friendly, Happy, Sunshine, Enlightenment , Childlike, Cowardice, Deceit, Value, temporaryTinted: Very Cheerful, Happy, BrightToned: Becomes Rich, Embracing, Cozy, or Even dullShades: More somber, heavy, even richMemory Stimulating good for studying.Lose temper more easily in presence of YellowElderly lose minor muscle control in the presence of yellowBabies cry more often in yellow roomsNature uses yellow as a temporary colorEffects the development and healing of chest, heart, and lungs.


GREENYou are fresh, friendly, and natural. You are persistent, well balanced, and stable. The environment is important in your life and you like things basic to the point of being simple. As a friend you are frank, sensitive, affectionate, and loyal.27GREENCOOLRECEDINGHEALTHYFRESHNATURELUCKEnvy, jealousy, hope, order, growing, calm

ADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTS GREENPeaceful, relaxing, serenity, freshness, status, security, jealousy, camouflage, Cool and recedingSymbolizes nature, good fortune, jealousy, and, new beginnings, go, hope, growingSoothes pain, easiest for the eye to see, controls impulsiveness and overeating


BLUE/GREENYou are sensitive and need loving care and adoration from others, but you maintain your independence. Showing emotion is difficult for you and others perceive you as self-centered. You have excellent taste and a mature outlook.31BLUEYou are cautious, conservative, and sensitive to the needs of others. Your basic need for harmony often thrusts you into the roll of peacemaker. Words that best describe you are business-like, calm, and capable. You are a loyal, trustworthy friend, but expressing your emotions in a relationship is difficult for you.32BLUECOOLRECEDINGSADLONELYFORMALSOOTHINGCalm, orderliness, restful, relax, spaciousness, depressionADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTS BLUESerene, Honest, Loyalty, Dignity, Integrity, Restful Cool/cold, Depression/gloom, Respect, AuthorityCan lower pulse, blood pressure, and respiration rate. Can boost IQMakes apparent temperature drop 2-4 degreesCan be depressing for some if not relieved by another colorRecedes and enlargesPoor food coloring choice Effects to eyes ears, nose and throat.80% of peoples favorite color.34

VioletYou are creative! You consider yourself unique and set yourself apart from others. You are an artist at heart. Scheduling and mundane tasks bore you. You can frequently be found day dreaming and would actually prefer fantasy over reality. While you seek cultural events and luxury, you do not put yourself out to serve humanity. Many inventors claim purple as their favorite color.36VIOLETCOOLRECEDINGROYALTYMYSTERYDIGNITYDRAMATICADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTS VioletRoyalty, dignity, luxury, sensual, uncertainty, artistic, expressive, flamboyantCool, recedingMost complex colorWomen generally acceptTire of the fastestGreat accent color, but too much will cast a yellow look on the surroundingsTriggers the regurgitation reflex38

BLACKYou are sophisticated, mysterious, and dramatic. You are dignified and keep to yourself. You may be unhappy with how things are, but arent quite certain how you can change existing circumstances. A young child who chooses black exclusively may be depressed.40BLACKEVILMYSTERIOUSDEATHOLDVillain, heavy, wisdom, dramatic, severe

ADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTS BlackMysterious, mourning, sorrow, dignity, solemnity, formality, seriousWarm color, recedingSlimming colorReinforces the color it touches, A powerful accentPower, strong, authority when combines with white, sophisticated42

WHITEYou expect to be happy most of the time. Your personality is light, good, and pure. You have a sense of innocence about you. You seek perfection and expect others to do the same, which sometimes makes you appear cold.44WHITEGOODCLEANYOUTHPUREINNOCENCEHEROISMPEACEADJECTIVES EMOTIONS / INTERESTING FACTSWhiteDelicate, refined, peace, pu