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Sector: Publicity Promotion of Policies and Technical Assistance Programmes European Environment Agency stand at ESOF2014 international science conference in Copenhagen on 21-26 June 2014

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Promotion of Policies andTechnical Assistance Programmes

European Environment Agency stand at ESOF2014 international science conference in Copenhagen on 21-26 June 2014

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European Environment Agency stand at INSPIRE conference in Aalborg, Denmark on 16-20 June

offers a wide range of services for the dissemination of information communication and visibility. It has been successfully implementing projects for International Financial Institutions and public authorities, in countries within and outside the EU, for over 25 years.

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LDK provides all logistical support to Conferences, Seminars, Meetings,Trainings, Study visits and similar events. It further undertakes the drafting and implementation of communication and media strategies aimed to ensure event visibility amongst the targeted audience and it also generates media coverage before, during and after the event.

European Environment Agency stand at the

2nd European Climate Change Adaptation

Conference in Copenhagen

on 12-14 May 2015

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Within this scope of activities, LDK has on numerous occasions developedCommunication Strategies for Organisations and Programmes, as well as action plans for their implementation.

European Environment Agency stand at Green Week annual

conference and exhibition held by DG ENV in Brussels

on 3-5 June 2014

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LDK provides advice on graphic design issues in relation to planned communication campaigns and other activities. This may include the development, design and layout of a range of communication products such as publications, flyers, posters, booklets and other printed material, merchandise, advertisements etc.

European Environment Agency stand at the JRC Open Day 4 May 2013 in Ispra, Italy

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REPRESENTATIVE PROJECTSSri Lanka: Visibility and Communication of EU Support to Regional Development Programmes, EuropeAid

Tajikistan: Second Water Supply Project, Development of a Communication Strategy and Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Dushanbe Vodokanal, World Bank

EU Project: Framework Contract BENEF 2013 LOT 5 – Conferences, EuropeAid/132633/C/SER – Multiple framework contract to recruit short-term services in the exclusive interest of third countries benefiting from European Union external technical assistanceTunisia: “Organization of the Conference on Employment and Territorial Development in Tunisia, “Mediterranean Economic Conference”, The Secretariat of the Union for the MediterraneanEU Project: Framework Contract COM 2011 - Lot 3: Conferences (EuropeAid/129783/C/SER/Multi)

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REPRESENTATIVE PROJECTS EU Project: Framework contract for the provision of services on organization of events and technical meetings EIGE/2011/OPER/04

Indonesia: European Higher Education Fairs (EHEF) 2011

India: Conference co-organised by DG ECFIN & Bank of India to be held in Mumbai (India) on 16-17 December (Specific Contract 2010/244870)Various countries: Event Support Services – The Secretariat for Union of the Mediterranean (UfMS)UfMS/iRP/0002/2014EU Project: Framework contract for the provision of communication services to the European Environment Agency (EEA) -Lot 9 Events and Exhibitions