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F-Secure’s new Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments brings best protection and top performance to all virtual environments, including mixed and hybrid environments


  • 1. UNCOMPROMIZED SECURITY WITH OPTIMAL PERFORMANCEF-Secure Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments
  • 2. VIRTUAL MACHINES ARE ALREADY MAINSTREAM 2 F-Secure Confidential Virtualization penetration has surpassed 50% of all server workloads, and continues to grow. Gartner, June 2012, Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure
  • 3. SMALLER SMB:S ARE LEADING THE CHARGE INTO THE CLOUD 3 F-Secure Confidential Source: Spiceworks-State of SMB IT 1H 2013
  • 4. SERVER VIRTUALIZATION HAS STILL NOT REACHED ITS PEAK 4 F-Secure Confidential Source: Spiceworks-State of SMB IT 1H 2013
  • 5. BENEFITS OF VIRTUALIZATION 5 F-Secure Confidential Flexibility possibility to add and remove services when needed Resource optimization reduced hardware costs Operational efficiency quick and automated deployment of new services
  • 6. WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT? 6 F-Secure Confidential Protection level Performance
  • 7. SPECIAL DEMANDS IN VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS 7 F-Secure Confidential Limited hardware capacity Shared hardware usage Added weight to the scanning process Significant impact on desktopvirtualization Need to optimize and offera good user experience Need to invest on additionalcapacity Traditional security threats apply, but
  • 8. 8 F-Secure Confidential TRADITIONAL ANTI-VIRUS IN VIRTUAL MACHINES Takes up a lot of resources from the hardware Difficult to manage Higher costs High performance impact
  • 10. NO MORE COMPROMIZES 10 F-Secure Confidential
  • 11. BENEFITS FOR END CUSTOMERS Forallvirtualenvironments With reduced complexity With affordable and flexible licensing Optimized performance Best Protection level
  • 12. 12 F-Secure Confidential UNCOMPROMISED BEST PROTECTION Best protection level on the market for virtual environments Offers exactly the same protection level as F-Secure award-winning standard security clients Unlike competing solutions does not compromise security for performance 1 2
  • 13. 13 F-Secure Confidential OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE Reduced resource usage forvirtual environments Light (small footprint) security client for virtual machines Optimized use of hardwarecapacity High availability and scalabilitywith multi-server deployment Performance optimized to reduce hardware costs
  • 14. 14 F-Secure Confidential MULTI-PLATFORM COVERAGE Supports all popular virtualization platforms, including mixed and hybrid environments with multiple virtual platforms Hypervisor agnostic works with Vmware, Citrix, MS Hyper-V, etc Hybrid solution supports different environment combinations
  • 15. MANAGE AND SECURE MIXED ENVIRONMENTS 15 F-Secure Confidential Physicalserver Physicalserver Desktop Desktop Desktop vSphere VM VM VM XenApp VDI VDI VDI XenApp VDI VDI VDI VDI VDI Hyper-V VM TS TS KVM VM VM AWS VM VM VM
  • 16. 16 F-Secure Confidential REDUCED COMPLEXITY Built-in functionality in standard clients All parts of the solution centrally managed withthe same management tool Reduced complexity due to easy deployment Single unified central management and standard clients
  • 17. BEST VALUE Affordable and flexible licensing Simple pricing model and affordable total cost with pay-as-you- go model* Hardware cost savings by less hardware (RAM, CPU, disk space) needed for the same amount of workload or more workload with the same hardware 17 F-Secure Confidential $


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