Security Issues in Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is a hot concept among Fortune 500 companies.


<p>Security Issues in Cloud Computing</p> <p>Cloud Computing has recently become a promising method of delivering computing resources. But some still do not consider it a new technology. Cloud Computing has been there since a long time but the usage was very subtle. Ranging from data storage services to developing applications, Cloud has also made email handling commitment free and on-demand. Apart from this, it also provides great flexibility with its pay per use concept, compelling many SMBs to migrate. The only factor where Cloud Computing today lacks in providing assurance is the level of security practiced by the vendor.Cloud ComputingData Protection is first of the many threats in Cloud Computing as there is immense risk in allowing someone else to handle your data if not done in a lawful way with proper compliances and data security certifications.Losing governance rights over a Cloud infrastructure while selecting a Public Cloud Vendor leaves a gap in security thereby ceding control to the vendor.Cloud Vendor Lock-in makes it difficult for users to migrate from vendor to another and introduces huge switching costs and complexity.Cloud ServicesData availability in terms of 99.9% uptime guaranteed in SLAs is sometime not met due to inadvertent situations such as outages leading to huge data loss and business process discontinuity.Isolation failure, multi-tenancy and shared resources are significant characteristics of cloud computing. This risk category covers the failure of mechanisms separating storage, memory, routing and even reputation between different tenants.Leniency or poor encryption techniques used during data transactions in the Cloud may prove fatal if there are hackers sitting on another end waiting to find a way in to the firewall.Cloud Computing CompanyCertain Cloud Providers do not allow customer audits, creating a risk in migration to such a provider by not providing evidence of the relevant compliances.Web browsing vulnerabilities pose serious threat to customer management interfaces of Public Cloud providers where the data is accessible via the internet.Data backup and loss of data is another reason which makes Cloud migration decisions a tough nut to crack.Finally human threat, which is usually unlikely, can also be a reason of data leak and privacy risks.Cloud Computing ForWith the inadvertent growth of Cloud Computing in recent times, security has really become a major concern for users/businesses looking to incorporate the Cloud into their processes/strategy- moving their business data online, building LOB applications on a PaaS or utilizing the infrastructure services of an IaaS provider. Listed above are a few of the examples of security issues in Cloud Computing. To sum it up, Security in the Cloud broadly refers to a set of policies, technologies, and controls devised to protect data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of Cloud Computing consumers.</p>