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  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    From The ArchivesSelected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt

     Volume One

    Editorial Introduction

     As an academic noted in an article - published in 2013 by the United States Air Force - Myatt is "arguably England's principal proponent of contemporaryneo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution." [1]

    It seems therefore apposite for us to offer this volume: the first in a projectedseries of documents containing a few of the hundreds of National Socialist

    essays of David Myatt dating from the middle to late 1990s, essays whichwere not included in the recent [April 2016] pdf collection we released titledSelected National Socialist Writings Of David Myatt .

    Where that collection concentrated on Myatt's more philosophical andideological NS writings - his revisionist vision and evolution of NationalSocialism - this series will concentrate on his more overtly political writings;the type of writings published for instance in his newsletter The National- Socialist  - whose banner was 'Propaganda Without A Fist To Back It Up IsUseless' - and which newsletter was initially issued (from 1995 on) in supportof Combat 18, and later (from 1997 on) in support of his own political

    organization The National-Socialist Movement, of which the Londonnail-bomber David Copeland was a member.

    Thus, in his article The Roots of Racial Awareness: Denouncing Liberal Myths  About Racial Nationalism (republished by Reichsfolk in 1999 and writtenwhen Myatt was on bail following his arrest in 1998 by Detectives from SO12Scotland Yard) Myatt wrote that:

    Correctly understood, racial nationalism - the desire to create and live in anethnic homeland or nation among one's own kith and kin according to the lawsand customs of one's ancestral culture - is a more natural, more harmonious,

    more healthy way of life than the drug-infested, crime-ridden, multi-racial societywhich we are forced to live in today. And forced to live in because theGovernment of the day, all the Governments of the past five decades, and all themain political Parties, have made and enforce tyrannical laws to create aparticular type of society [...]

    The terms "racism" and racist" are recent inventions. Racism itself is a modernabstract idea, a modern theory, invented by Marxist social engineers and used bythose social engineers, and those who aid and support them and their socialengineering, to mentally condition people and so enable those social engineers toconstruct the modern tyrannical, dishonourable, usury-driven, "politically-correct" crypto-Marxist multi-racial societies we have today.

    The truth is that the nations of the West have been turned into "politically-

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    correct" societies because of the political and social ideas invented by thesepeople and propagated for over seventy years by them and their Marxist, theircrypto Marxist, and their liberal helpers. These societies are Marxist in all butoutward name. In fact, there has been the introduction of Marxism by stealth, bydeceit, by social engineering.

    For the reality is that Marxism is not fundamentally about opposing so-called

    capitalism: it is about creating a mechanistic, soulless, tyrannical multi-racialsociety governed by and upholding abstract materialistic values and ideas whereThe State has supreme authority and where such Aryan ideals as personalhonour and duty to the folk are at best rejected and at worst unknown.

    Whenever we hear or see the words racism and racist we are hearing and seeingcrypto-Marxist social engineering at work. The ideas of the sociological theory of so-called racism, and the term racist, are a means of social control: a means totame, to control, to subvert, to dominate.

    In a modern State like Britain, the Police and the Security Service, MI5, are usedto enforce the tyrannical, politically-correct, crypto-Marxist status quo: seekingout, and tracking down, people who are suspected of being "racist" and indulging

    in all kinds of covert surveillance in an effort to enforce the multitude of tyrannical laws which have been introduced. To enforce such a political tyranny,the Police have been given more and more powers just as more and more lawsrestricting what we can say or do have been introduced. Indeed, "fightingracism" has become a priority for the Police and the Government of the day: bywhich they mean fighting anyone who opposes the politically-correct multi-racialstatus quo and especially those, like racial nationalists, who seek to create anethnic homeland for their people.

    What - correctly understood - is racism? It is any opposition by Aryans("Whites") to social and political policies of racial preference for non-Aryans("non-Whites"). It is any preference by Aryans for their own people and culture.

    It is any resistance by Aryans to becoming a minority race in what once weretheir own nations. It is any defiance: any unwillingness to let non-Aryans insult you and your people. It is any unwillingness to let more and more non-Aryanscrowd into what is already a vastly overcrowded nation. It is, in brief, any of thehealthy and natural aspirations of a people that have created and maintained folk societies and nations since recorded history began.

    In the same year as the publication of that article, Myatt - still on bail andawaiting trial for 'inciting racial hatred' and 'incitement to murder' -circulated the following statement to which he gave the title A LearningFrom Adversity:

    The following quotes from the Greek classical authors Aeschylusand Sophocles are relevant to my forthcoming criminal trial, andexpress my own attitude to the proceedings, and those involvedwith them. (All the translations are mine.)

    1) In respect of my own feelings about the proceedings:

    What is now, came to be

     As it came to be. And its ending has been ordained.

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


     Aeschylus - Agamemnon vv. 67-68

     A learning from adversity:Even in sleep there trickles through the heartThe disabling recalling of the pain:

     And wisdom arrives regardless of desire, A favour from the godsWho have taken the seats of honour, by force.

     Aeschylus - Agamemnon vv. 177-183

    2) In respect of those who have contrived these proceedings andthe laws upon which they are based:

    There is no protectionIn riches for the man of excessWho stamps down the great altar of the goddess, Judgement,

    In order to hide it from view.

     Aeschylus - Agamemnon vv. 381-384

    Such people have given in to a vigorously enduring Temptation (v.385) but in the end the gods "take down those persons who, lackingfairness, turn their attention to such things" (v. 396-398). The godsoften send the blood-letting Furies after such individuals, and theirdescendants, and lay upon their people "an unbearable affliction"(v. 395) often for generations.

     "So - you dared to violate these laws?"

     Yes - for it was not Zeus who proclaimed them to me,Nor did She who dwells with the gods below - the goddess

     Judgement -Lay down for us mortals such laws as those.Neither did I suppose that your edictsHad so much strength that you, who die,Could out-run the unwritten and unchangeableCustoms of the gods: for the life of these thingsIs not only of yesterday or today, but eternal,No one remembering their birth.

    I did not seek - because I feared any man's pride -To be punished by the gods for breaking their customs:For I clearly understood I would die even before your proclamation.That my death is now sooner, I say is a gainSince how can he who lives among so many cowards as INot find honour in so dying?There is thus for me no sorrow in thisMy destined fate.

    Sophocles - Antigone vv. 450-466

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


     What We Need Is A War!

    What we really need, is a war: a real, nation-wide proper and overt warinvolving armies. Our people for the most part have become soft, weak,

    decadent and un-Aryan. They, for the most part, lead pampered mostly urbanlives totally divorced from the realness of Nature.

    Our people, for the most part in their cocooned urban lives, have never feltreal awe: they have never felt powerless before the forces of Nature as theyhave seldom if ever faced the possibility of their own death. As a result, theyhave become overbearingly arrogant and selfish, having no understanding oreven sense of their real purpose in life - having no feeling of something, likeNature, more powerful than they are, and having no feeling of how theybelong to their race and how they have a duty to protect and evolve the race

    to which they belong.

    In their urban decadence, surrounded by peace, material security and thematerial plenty of this disgusting capitalist society, they have nounderstanding or even sense of their Aryan identity.

    They have forgotten the harshness, the suffering, the hunger, the nearness of death, the primal fear which can produce and which do produce realcharacter. The have forgotten the realness of Nature and the sense of belonging, of Blood and Soil, which this realness, this closeness to Naturebrings.

    The suffering and death of war, its harshness and its pain, are necessary. Thethreat of death - the overcoming of the fear of death - breeds true character.The suffering of war, the self-discipline needed to fight again and again, dayafter day, week after week, makes real men.

    Only cowards and wimps seek peace - a real man seeks war, and adventure,and glory. Every noble civilized society that has ever existed has been born inwar and has flourished and survived because it was a warrior society lead bymen who had distinguished themselves in combat.

    What we have forgotten today in our selfish arrogance, our materialism, isthat it is not the individual which is important - for the happiness of theindividual is meaningless. The whole, the folk, the culture of the folk, is moreimportant than the individual, and if for the sake of the whole, the individualmust suffer, and die, the so it must be - for otherwise there will be no whole,no folk, no culture, no folk society, no civilization to thrust ever onward. Allthere will be when the happiness of the individual comes first - before thewhole, before the folk - is the selfishness, the chaos, of ignoble capitalism.

    Over fifty years of peace have made our people soft and decadent. Over fifty

     years of peace have made most of our men into urban wimps and weaklings -into "businessmen", or "executives" or "office workers" or "salesmen" who

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


     jostle one another at the trough of materialism for the offal of money whichtheir Zionist capitalist-commissars condescend to provide them with.

    The urbanised, unnatural and anti-nature society we have today, with itsdrugs, its crime, its lack of honour, its cowardly scum, its weedy "anti-hunting, anti-war, pro-social work" brigades, is the result of decades of peace

    - of materialistic values. Young men now no longer for the most part seek adventure, or glory through war - they no longer seek to be heroic, to show valour in real deadly combat. They no longer for the most part desire to hunt,either animals or men. Instead, they seek pleasure; they seek to beentertained; they seek to be diverted. They for the most part dream thedreams which have been given to them - which they are allowed to have.

    For instance, there is something wrong, something quite un-warrior like,about young boys spending a lot of their time playing games like football, anddreaming of being professional football players, or "pop stars" or somethingequally diverting. What a waste of life! What a waste of their Aryan potential!

    What a waste of their warrior heritage! Instead of diverting themselves bykicking a ball around, instead of gaining skill in such a pastime, they shouldbe out learning how to fight, learning how to hunt, how to survive, for real -and dreaming of doing great deeds of glory, of adventure.

    What a con-trick has been played on us over the past fifty or so years! Whatfools we have been! "Give them some sport, and allow them some passion insupporting some team or some person - but not too much passion" the Zionistcapitalist-commissars once said. "This will divert them, keep them happy andentertained. It will squander their passion. And make them forget who theyare. May they never discover their Destiny!"

     A game is just a game - to be played and enjoyed. There is no real glory in it;no heroism; no deeds to be proud it. It has no Destiny, as we as a warriorrace have a blood-Destiny. A game is a game, an entertainment: a relaxingdiversion for a few hours, and nothing more. The passion, the skill, thetraining, the dreams should all be toward something valuable, somethingtruely noble, something Aryan, something warrior-like and real and whichextends our great warrior heritage, and which can aid our blood-Destiny.

    We must be true to our Aryan nature, true to our Destiny as warriors. We

    must throw off the yoke of capitalism, of "entertainment" and "sports" whichour Zionist capitalist-commissars have placed around our necks to squanderour passion, our energy, and to keep us quiet and docile. We must once againseek glory and war, as our noble ancestors did, as we must once again speak out aloud this truth of Nature: to seek war, to glory in war, to do deeds of 

     valour in war, is the mark of a man, while to seek comfort, security and peaceis the mark of a coward.

    Now, and in the future, there is only being Aryan, or being a lackey of theZionist capitalist-commissars.

    Originally published in Issue 27 of The National-Socialist, November 108 yf 

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    can say or do in public. We have a majority of our own people supportingthese tyrannical laws - or at the very least, indifferent to them.

    Today, we have the majority of our own people ignorant of the Aryan value of duty to the folk - thus are they indifferent to their race, their Destiny, theirracial heritage and their Aryan customs. We have the majority of the men of 

    our race indifferent to or disdainful of the Aryan ideal of honour - thus arethey content to live a materialistic life, unlike their warrior ancestors. Today,the majority of our young men no longer yearn to be warriors - instead, they

     yearn to be "sports stars'', or "entertainers'' or desire to "earn lots of money''.

    Today, we have a Police force which is largely unsympathetic to our racialCause and which enforces all the tyrannical anti-Aryan laws which ourenemies have made over the last sixty or seventy years to increase their gripon power. We have the senior ranks of this Police force which sees us, andour very Cause, as "the enemy'', as criminals, because we still dare to defythe tyrannical Marxist political correctness which they themselves believe in.

    Today, we have the immense power of the Media against us - and over fifty years of brainwashing to contend with. For the past fifty years our people,from the cradle to the grave, have been brainwashed, mentally conditioned,by the Media, by politicians and by teachers who all have supported the lieson which the present tyrannical anti-Aryan has been built. These lies are thelie of "racial equality'', the lie of "parliamentary democracy'', the lie of "themeaning of life is personal happiness''. Thus have the majority of our ownpeople come to support the System, or at least not actively fight against it inany meaningful way.

    Today, our very Cause is misunderstood by the majority of our people, thanksto fifty years of lies which our opponents have spread, unhindered.

    Today, because of all these things, are options are limited.

    Our Realistic Option

    Since our aim is to create our own Aryan nation, our own State or Reich,where we can live in freedom according to our Aryan customs, we have torealize that this means - whatever option or way we choose - fighting the

    present System.

    We must fight or struggle against the System for two very simple reasons.First, the System itself will seek to destroy us, whatever option or way wechoose. They will do this because the people who have created and whocontrol this System see us as their mortal enemy - a threat to their power,and even their very existence. Let us make no mistake - they hate us with afierce, irrational and passionate hatred. They also fear us, even now whenthey have so much power and so many resources, and we have so little - forwe with our nobility, our honour and our idealism represent everything theythemselves are not now, never have been and never can be.

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    The second reason we must fight the System is that our very Cause demandsthat we try and free our people by converting them to our ideals (see TheNational-Socialist Number 26) and this by its very nature will bring us intoconflict with a State whose very existence is a negation of these ideals.

    Given that we must struggle against the power and the tyranny of the

    System, we have but three options.

    (1) We can seek to become the Government of this nation by participating inthe electoral system and getting people to vote for us. This requires apolitical party which fields candidates in elections.

    (2) We can seek to overthrow the Government through armed insurrection, acoup d'etat or something similar. This requires a covert group.

    (3) We can undermine the Government by taking away the support it hasfrom our people by seeking to convert our people to our Cause. This requires

    a revolutionary Movement of social and political reform which has a spiritualfoundation.

    The National-Socialist Movement has chosen this third alternative - the wayof a revolutionary, spiritual, Movement; the way of a living, organic,Movement (see The National-Socialist Number  30).

    We have chosen this way because it is the only realistic, feasible option wehave today. To understand why this is so, let us consider the other options.

     Why Armed Insurrection Will Fail

    The option of armed insurrection is unrealistic for the following reasons:

    (1) We do not at present have the support of even a large section of our ownpeople, and such support is essential for any group which seeks to overthrowa Government through military or guerilla means. Such support occurs whena significant number of people see the Government, the State, as the enemy,as oppressors, and such support is the only way a covert group can survive -the people who sympathize with this group, or who support it, provide the"safe houses'', the food, the finances, the fighters who continue the struggle,

    and much more besides. The truth of our times is that most of our peopleeither support the present State, through ignorance or brainwashing, or areindifferent to it.

    (2) We do not at present have any significant support among the Police or the Armed Forces, such support being helpful if not essential for a successfulcovert or guerilla movement, as it provides: (a) the intelligence necessary tomount successful attacks, and (b) some of the weaponry needed to tackle theforces which support the State.

    (3) We cannot at present find - from among our own supporters - even two

    dozen fanatical and committed people prepared to die for the Cause.

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    (4) We have no roots, no base, no foothold, in any community or any area inour own nation - that is, we do not have a single neighbourhood, or any areaat all, where we have the support of the majority of people. We are dispersedacross the whole country, and as such are easy targets for the State.

    The bottom line today is that were a few of us to do anything in the way of guerilla action, the majority of our own people would betray us to the Police,such is their lack of sympathy for, and lack of understanding of, our Cause.

    We are at least ten if not twenty years away from acquiring the fundamentalthings which any real covert or guerilla movement needs. Because of this -however desirable it might seem to try and overthrow the State by suchmeans - such covert action if attempted now or in the near future willcertainly fail.

    Before we can even talk seriously of such covert action we have to build the

    secure foundation which is needed. This secure foundation is the support of asignificant number, if not a majority, our own people - they need to see theGovernment, the State, for the tyranny it is as they need to support us orsympathize with us as National-Socialists.

     Why Electioneering Will Fail

    The option of electioneering - of forming a political Party and contestingelections in the hoping of becoming the Government - will, with oneexception [1], fail for the following reasons:

    (1) The System will simply not allow an Aryan political Party to achievesuccess by this means. If any such Party shows any sign of gaining anysuccess whatever, the System will simply change the rules. Thus they willmake new laws, which take away what little freedom remains to campaign inpublic, as they will contrive to have the leaders of such a Party tried on somecharge or other. The System will also try and bankrupt such a Party byhaving some organization or other, or some individual, sue the Party andclaim "damages'', as has happened many times in America.

    The System will use any and every means at its disposal to save itself - the

    people who run this System are not going to just sit back and watch an Aryanpolitical Party gain success after success. If necessary - and if they cannotremove the leaders and organizers of such a Party by sending them to prisonon some pretext or other - they will assassinate those leaders and organizers.

    (2) Getting people to vote for a political Party at election time is not the wayto gain real support: it does not make the majority of people into real,dedicated National-Socialists as it does not make them live their lives in an

     Aryan way, with honour, with loyalty and doing their duty to their race. Suchelectoral support - as far as real significant social and political change goes -means very little.

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    The support a political Party achieves through voting is not what is required -a fundamental political and social revolution is what is required. A politicalParty whose fundamental aim is gaining votes at elections is by its nature aParty which has compromised with the ways of the System itself and theanti-Aryan values of the System - for everything that such a Party does isdetermined or judged by the number of votes received, or the hope of 

    gaining more votes. Thus does such a Party curry favour with the people, asthe people are now, in the hope of gaining their votes - it does not tell thepeople the whole truth about their decadent, dishonourable, egotistical wayof life as it does not try and show them how they should live: as honourable

     Aryans, proud of their heritage and aware of their unique Destiny.

    Our Spiritual Revolution

    The only realistic option available to us is the one that the National-SocialistMovement has chosen - the way of social and political revolution, a spiritualrevolution, through seeking to convert our people to our noble Cause of 

     Aryan freedom.

    It needs to be repeated yet again that this way involves three things:

    (1) It involves us in going out among our own people - talking to them personto person - and trying to win them over to our Cause and recruit them asmembers or supporters for our Movement.

    (2) It involves us being part of a legal and openly National-Socialistorganization and developing through this organization a real comradeshipamong ourselves.

    (3) It involves us in having some rural base, some kind of community wherewe can make our ideals of Blood and Soil real and where people can come tosee what our ideals and our Aryan way of life really mean . Such a base, sucha community is of vital importance for us, today, because the sad fact is thatnowhere in our country do these ideals and this way of life still live. Thiscommunity - ideally, a working farm - and its way of life will be one of ourbest means of propaganda.

    In addition to these things, we must learn the lessons of the past five years in

    respect of propaganda.

    The first of these lessons is that all of our propaganda - from leaflets, topamphlets, to posters - should be geared toward recruiting our people andgeared toward projecting the truth about our Cause: its nobility, our desirefor freedom and so on. That is, all our propaganda should be both positiveand idealistic. This is so because of our fundamental aims: convert andrecruit, and spread the truth about our Cause.

    The second of these lessons is that this propaganda must be legal for one very practical reason. Propaganda which is today illegal under the various

    tyrannical laws of the System is both ineffective in recruiting others and

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    totally unnecessary - a waste of resources. What such propaganda expresses,can be better expressed in a positive and idealistic way - that is, in a legalway. Anything else which such illegal propaganda might seek to achieve istotally irrelevant and unnecessary to us - for we are concerned only with ouraims of convert, recruit and spreading the truth about our Cause.

    To labour the point - we simply do not need to go outside the bounds of current law to get our message across.

     Why Victory Will Be Ours

    If we stick to our aims of convert, recruit and spreading the truth about ourCause, and if we develop our Movement as it has been explained above andelsewhere (see the past four issues of The National-Socialist ) that it must bedeveloped, then we will certainly win.

    If we do these things we will win for one very good reason: there is no poweron this Earth which can stop the victory of a moral and spiritual Cause whichhas truth and justice on its side and which has as its champions idealisticmen and women who are prepared to seek converts.

    The power of money cannot stop the victory of such a noble crusade. All themight of all the armies and all the Police forces in the world cannot preventthe victory of such a Cause. All the laws of all the Governments cannotprevent the spread of such a Cause.

    These things are as they are because our Cause is now much greater, muchmore powerful, than any one individual. It is much greater, much morepowerful because it is noble and spiritual and because we who truely upholdand champion this noble Cause know that we, as individuals, are expendable- for we have re-discovered the ancient wisdom of our race which ourenemies have tried, with their money, their power, their decadence, theirlaws, to make us forget. This wisdom is that we are part of our race - andthat the very meaning of our own lives is to aid our race.

    Thus, were one of us to be imprisoned - someone else will carry on the goodwork in society while the person in prison becomes a Hero, a living icon

    admired for their courage and their devotion to duty. Thus, were one of us tobe assassinated, someone else is always there to carry on the Cause, whilethe person assassinated becomes a martyr, remembered and revered for alltime.

    The only question which really remains to be answered is when victory willbe ours. The answer depends on us - on we who are living now. Victory canbe ours in our lifetime if we are noble and dedicated enough - if we live as weare meant to live, as Aryans true to our noble values of honour, loyalty andduty.

    Originally published in Issue 31 of The National-Socialist, April 109 yf 

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    [1] One way of achieving practical power by conventional political means is if we are giftedby Providence with another Adolf Hitler. That is, if a genuine Leader arises to guide us to victory, for such a leader, like Adolf Hitler did, could convert our people into idealisticNational-Socialists, and thus achieve both an outer political revolution and a genuine socialrevolution.


    Part TwoRevolutionary Fantasies

    The title [Revolutionary Fantasies] was used by Jost of Aryan Kindred several years ago and his article was critical of those who talked and wrote aboutdoing "revolutionary deeds" along the lines of "leaderless resistance".

    I did once, several years ago, consider for a while that it might be necessaryand indeed feasible to use such tactics, but as I explained in part one - TheReality - such tactics are not practical now for three basic reasons, reasonswhich I learned the hard way, from practical experience.

    First, we as National-Socialists (and even as exponents of Aryan identity)lack support among our own people, with such support being a pre-conditionto any successful or meaningful revolutionary action. The majority of ourpeople, to put it bluntly, simply either do not care or do not understand whatis going on. As long as they have food, shelter, a reasonable (or in mostcases, very good) standard of living, entertainment, a partner, a reasonablyhappy family life, and other such things, they have no desire for change: theyfeel no need for radical, revolutionary change.

    Second, we do not even have one real Aryan community which we can callour own; that is, where thousands of us live in the same area, in families andas single individuals, and which openly and willingly upholds our ethos, ourway of life, our principles, our beliefs, and where we have our own Schools,and some kind of local Aryan authority: where we elect our own local officialswho believe as we do and who strive to do their public duty according to ourprinciples.

    Third, we cannot even find a few score dedicated fanatics prepared to fightand die for our Cause. I know, for I have tried to find such people for severaldecades.

    Furthermore, every single covert organization we create is either disrupted,or infiltrated by ZOG agents, or both, and quite often the disruption thatoccurs is due to pettiness, to the human failings of some of those involved.Quite simply, it is difficult to find people of the right calibre.

    In addition, because of the tyrannical nature of our Governments, which now

    have enormous resources and power at their disposal, those who try to plan

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    and organize such things have to be very, very careful to avoid beingcompromised, and arrested. There is now so much covert and overtsurveillance, by Government agencies, so much infiltration by their agentsthat trying to even start something is very difficult, given the fact that we donot know who, outside of our small circle of close Comrades, we can trust.

    We no longer have a common link with our people: we are no longer of theircommunities because they do not have real, folk, communities anymore.

    It amounts to the fact that there is and has been a lot of talk aboutrevolutionary and covert action, but very little action. And the few actionswhich have been undertaken have made no difference at all. They have notled to new recruits; they have not even made any difference whatsoever tothe power, the influence, of ZOG. They have not led the majority of ourpeople to the truth, or affected in any significant or even noticeable way thetyranny, the manipulation, that goes on. All such actions have done is to feedthe fantasies of those who desire to act, but who lack true Aryan guidance:

    who lack someone strong enough to tell them that such fantasies are and willremain, for the near future, just fantasies.

     And the sad thing is that many activists have had to go to Prison, for a verylong time, as some have been killed, for us to learn the lesson we needed tolearn.

    It is thus highly irresponsible of any of us to encourage anyone to think interms of such "revolutionary fantasies." The desire for revolutionary actionthat some of our young men feel is a good and natural desire, a healthyresponse; but we need and must direct that desire into productive things andtoward achievable and necessary goals. We must build the foundations weneed before we can seriously undertake such action, and these foundationsare real support among our own people.

    Our Fundamental Problem

    Our fundamental problem is lack of support by our own people. The majoritysimply do not understand or care about what is going on. They simply havelost their Aryan identity.

    We belong to a different world than them; it is as if they are strangers.Seventy, even fifty, years ago it was not like it is now. But such has been themanipulation of our people by the social engineering of ZOG, such theirbrainwashing by the social and political ideas of ZOG, that they no longerbehave, think, act or even feel like Aryans.

    Our fundamental and necessary task is to create real Aryan communitieswhere we can have Comrades, and only Comrades, as neighbours. Our realtask is to create the infrastructure we need: Schools, shops, stores, farms.

    We need living, working, examples of our principles, our beliefs. We need to

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    show people by example. We need to build, slowly, methodically, thefoundations of a new Aryan way of living.

    In terms of existing nations, this means we must seek to convert, to win overto our Cause, whole streets, whole neighbourhoods: we need to concentrateon certain areas and by, doing practical things to aid our people there, win

    them over by example.

     And most important of all we need to forget for the moment about ourGovernments; we need to forget about those things which we cannot doanything about, which we are powerless at present to change, and insteadchange what we, as individuals, can change: things in our own street, ourown neighbourhood, our own town.

    That is, we must seek achievable, practical and realistic goals. This meansforgetting for now about changing the world; forgetting for now aboutnational and State politics. It means a change from politics to community, a

    change from useless rhetoric to practical, worthwhile deeds.

    We must stop dreaming unrealistic dreams, stop living in the past, andsilently and slowly get on with the job of building the foundations for real

     Aryan communities, both new ones, through migration, and within existingnations.

    In respect of founding new communities, if we really believe what we preach- if we really believe that our duty to our folk comes before our ownself-interest - then we will make the changes in our life which are necessary,finding like-minded Aryans, and beginning to plan where we can go, as smallgroups of brothers and sisters, to found our new communities and so begin tolive as we should live, as decent, hard-working Aryans.

     And I know in my heart that it will be from one of these small Aryancommunities that a new and free Aryan nation will emerge.

    1st December 111yf 

    Our Greatest Enemy - Egotism

    Our greatest enemy - greater, more powerful and more persuasive than theZionists and their tyranny - is ourselves.

    The real enemy we must face now and fight is our own egotism - our ownselfishness. The plague-like disease of egotism has all but destroyed our race.We, the Aryans of the world, once created and maintained mighty Empires.We, the Aryans of the world, once founded and maintained great civilizations.We, the Aryans of the world, were once mighty warriors - the greatest and

    most feared warriors this world of ours had ever seen. We achieved thethings we did because we were Aryan - that is, because we triumphed over

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    our egotism, our lower and selfish nature.

    We achieved the great things we did, as a race, because we could beidealistic and heroic - because we often did place the welfare of ourcomrades, our folk, before ourselves, and because we often gave our ownlives so that our comrades, our own folk, would live. We achieved the renown

    we did because we were prepared to sacrifice our material comforts, oursecurity, for the chance of glory in battle or for the chance of going where nohuman being had gone before. And we did all these things because we hadhonour.

    Now - with some exceptions - we Aryans are just like the rest of the humanbeings on this world. We wallow in the sub-human mire of materialism. Ourpeople themselves can now be bought by a compliment, by a chance of a job,by some "promotion" at work, by some bribe or some material gift. Theirdesire now is to be comfortable, to have personal possessions, to drive a newand more powerful car, to wear the "right" - the "fashionable" - clothes, to be

    "accepted" by those they regard as friends and colleagues. They desire tohave a home of their own as they desire holidays and a "good time".

    Corruption, dishonesty and dishonourable behaviour are now rife among ourpeople. The honour which once distinguished us as Aryans has almost beenforgotten among our own people. Ask any of them what honour is, and mostof them would not be able to tell you - at best, some may mumble some wordsabout "good reputation", but I doubt if any would be able to define whathonour really was, as few if any would wish to live by a Code of Honour, forsuch an honourable life is hard.

    Our real task, as National-Socialists, is to root out, once and for, thepestilence of egotism, the plague of dishonour. Our task is to once again actand live like Aryans - with honour, with a sense of duty to our folk. Our task isonce again to uphold the noble idealism which raised us up out of barbarismand which made us superior to other races. Our task is once again to beprepared to put our duty before our own personal desires, before our owncomfort.

    Even we who are National-Socialists - and who understand what being Aryanmeans - have not been immune to this destructive pestilence of egotism.

    Every year, for the past fifty years, someone or some many from our ranks,have put their own interests, their own pride, their own "reputation", or theirown selfish material greed before their honourable duty to their folk.

    Every year, for the past fifty years, someone or some many from within ourown ranks, has given in to their lower, their sub-human, nature and acteddishonourably by spreading rumours, or by accepting some bribe to informon their comrades.

    Every year there are those who call themselves National-Socialists whodisgrace our Cause by their dishonourable and un-Aryan behaviour.

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


      It was really egotism which destroyed National-Socialist Germany - notthe power of the Zionists. It was egotism, the stupid arrogant, dishonourablepride of the sub-human, which caused so many German officers to betray

     Adolf Hitler and his noble Aryan cause. It was egotism, the cowardice of self-survival, which caused so many Germans after the war to denounceNational-Socialism and to betray former members of the SS to the Allies.

    It was egotism which has almost destroyed our movement in the past fifty years - the egotism of informers, the egotism of traitors, the egotism of aposturing "toy Führer", the egotism of greedy men and women, the egotismof petty gossips.

    We as National-Socialists have a mission to replace sub-human egotisticalmaterialism with the higher consciousness of racial identity. We must, foronce and for all, eradicate the pestilence of egotism, and we can only do thisthrough the idealism, the nobility of honour. Honour is the sole cure foregotism. Honour is the means whereby we can raise ourselves up from

    barbarism - a means whereby we can fulfil the greatness of evolution whichlies within us.

    Honour is the superior weapon we need to defeat the Zionists and theirallies. Through honour we can triumph and create a new Reich, a newNational-Socialist State, a really free and independent Aryan nation.

    To win the war we are fighting all we have to do is live and die by a Code of Honour. Faced with our weapon of honour, the wealth of the Zionists isuseless. Faced with our weapon of honour, the egotism of their Marxistmaterialism does work. Faced with our weapon of honour, the decadencethey have created in our societies does not work. Faced with our weapon of honour, the Armed Forces they control, the Police forces they control, theSecurity Service they control, are useless - for they with all theirconventional weapons, all their conventional forces, cannot destroy ourhonour - only we ourselves, when we act dishonourably, when we areegotistical, can destroy our honour.

    This simple truth about honour is National-Socialism. This simple truth aboutthe indestructibility, the power, of honour is what Adolf Hitler and his loyalfollowers fought and died for. This simple truth about honour is what we

    must take out among our people and use to free them from their loweregotistical nature and from the clutches of the Zionists whose final globaltriumph, as Adolf Hitler said, would be the funeral wreath of our humanspecies.

    "On this planet of ours, human culture and civilization areindissolubly bound up with the presence of the Aryan. If he shouldbe exterminated, or subjugated, then the dark shroud of a newbarbarian era would enfold this Earth." Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf,II, I

    Originally published in Issue 29 of The National-Socialist, February 109 yf 

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    The Revolutionary Ideal

    The reality of our times is that the best Aryans are the aggressive, sometimes violent individuals who are part of and who are drawn to such "direct action"organizations as Combat 18. That is, such Aryans represent what it is to be

     Aryan. The stark truth of our times is that the aggressive Aryan "footballhooligan" is behaving in a more natural, more healthy, more Aryan way thanthe "respectable" middle-class business man striving to make money.Furthermore, organizations such as Combat 18 - aiming to recruit and usesuch "hooligan" elements - represent genuine National-Socialism in action.

    That is, such organizations are more Aryan, more genuinely National-Socialist, than those organizations which try and appear "respectable" in thehope of either winning votes, or gaining more members, and whichaccordingly speak about the need for "more law and order".

    Those who do not understand these things do not understand National-Socialism, and accordingly they do not understand or know what it means tobe Aryan.

    Today, in the anti-Aryan and increasingly multi-racial society of our time, theideal National-Socialist is the fighting Aryan who is, or who can be, toughand ruthless and who does use, or who is prepared to use, violence. Whatmatters is action - by Aryans, and against the enemies of our Aryan race. A genuine National-Socialist movement, group or organization seeks to recruittough and aggressive individuals. If it does not do so, it is not being Aryan -and thus is not putting the theory, the ideals, of National-Socialism intopractice in the modern world. A genuine National-Socialist movement, groupor organization seeks to capture and express our natural and healthyaggressive Aryan nature. It is seeks to harness our aggressive, tough,warrior nature in a disciplined way by having aggressive, tough Aryans fightour enemies "on the streets". Such fighting - however ruthless - by such

    tough, aggressive individuals, however "hooligan" they may appear to tameand domesticated and thus "respectable" Aryans, is National-Socialism inaction.

    This is so because the National-Socialist values which we, as National-Socialists are fighting for, are completely different from the values which the"respectable" nationalist or even "racial nationalist" groups andorganizations are fighting for.

    Our values are first and foremost revolutionary values, just as ourfundamental ideals are revolutionary ideals. As genuine revolutionaries, we

    want to see the complete destruction of our present-day societies, for we

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


     view these societies - and everything which aids or supports them - asanti-Aryan and totally opposed to our natural and healthy Aryan values andideals. Thus, we are not fighting to maintain or strengthen the presentsystem of "law and order" - for it is an alien order based upon alien andanti-Aryan laws. Rather, we are fighting for a society based upon Aryan lawsand thus for a completely new Aryan order.

    These Aryan laws reflect or represent our true nature as Aryans. Our presentsociety - however "patriotic" or "nationalist" it might once have been - is not

     Aryan and never really was Aryan. The suppressed truth is that there hasnever been a truely Aryan society since ancient times - except for the glorywhich was National-Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler, and even Adolf Hitler and his German followers had only begun the Aryan revolution whichwas, and is, necessary to make our people Aryan again in body, mind and insoul.

    Our true nature, as Aryans, is to be warriors - to love fighting; to love combat

    and to love testing ourselves in tough and violent sports such as boxing. Ourtrue nature, as Aryans, is to hate our enemies and to want to defeat them bykilling them in battle. It is against our warrior and predatory nature to live atame, "respectable" and domesticated existence, toiling away like a serf.

    It is our true Aryan nature which makes us want to carry, and use, weaponsincluding "firearms", as it is our true Aryan nature which makes us want tosettle personal disputes with our fists. It is our true Aryan nature whichmakes us brand as cowardly and weak any young man, or any man, who doesnot lust after battle and adventure, and who does not have the pride, thestrength of character and the fitness to defend themselves. It is our true

     Aryan nature which makes us intolerant towards, and prejudiced against,non-Aryans and their inferior culture. It is our true Aryan nature whichmakes us proud of our own superior culture and proud of our own superior

     Aryan race.

     A society which does not value and which does not uphold the aggressive andwar-loving, weapon-carrying and proud nature of the Aryan warrior is not an

     Aryan society. Thus any society which bans the carrying of weapons, whichplaces restrictions on ownership of firearms, which frowns upon militaristicbehaviour, which seeks to curb "racial prejudice" and which does not train its

     young men in violent, aggressive sports such as boxing, is an anti-Aryansociety.

    Our present societies have become so anti-Aryan that it now necessary tocompletely destroy them, and begin again. Further, our own people havebecome so lost to their own Aryan nature - their own proud, predatory,warrior and violent nature - that only a real bloody destruction of the oldorder will awaken them and free them from the Zionist mind-control, theanti-Aryan brainwashing they have been and are being subjected to.

    Our aim is not to try and return to "the glorious, patriotic days of old" - or

    even to try and re-awaken a "patriotic spirit" within our own particular

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    nation. Rather, our aim is to destroy the old anti-Aryan Zionist order so thatwe can create a totally new Aryan order, where the ideal is the aggressive,tough, proud, war-like individual rather than the hard-working "respectable"home-loving person.

    The days of the old patriotic nation-States, with "nationalists" speaking about

    past national glories and past national triumphs, are finished. Today, there isonly the quest for an Aryan homeland, an Aryan society, with past Aryanglories and Aryan triumphs spoken about and remembered. Thus, there is acelebration of Aryan heroes - from Odysseus, to Alexander the Great, toCaesar, to Vespasian through to modern heroes like Leon Degrelle(1).

    In brief, there is for us now only the quest for a National-Socialist society - anew Reich - since only National-Socialism represents and expresses what is


    Thus, we National-Socialists are not interested in - and indeed must scorn

    and reject - the idea of trying to pander to, or re-awaken, the old "patriotic" values, the old national prejudices, the old Imperial or expansionist hopes,and the desire for more of the old "law and order" which a majority of ourown people, in a particular nation-State, may still have. Thus we National-Socialists are not interested in - and indeed must scorn and reject - the ideaof trying to appear as "respectable", as "responsible" and as representativeof these old "patriotic" values and the old "law and order" which supposedlywent with them.

    Instead, we want to convert our people to our values and our ideals - that is,to what is Aryan - and persuade them, or show them, that what is needed,now, are aggressive, violent, tough fighters who are intolerant of othercultures, and who are proud of being Aryan. What is important, in thesecrucial times for our race, is defying and fighting our enemies, and fightingfor our freedom to live as Aryans in an Aryan society. It is does not matterhow such fighting is done, or however ruthless it is, so long as such fightingis effective. What we and others need to understand is our own true nature,as Aryans, as we need to express and represent this proud warrior nature of ours.

     Any political party, any organization, group or movement which does not

    capture and which does not express, through its deeds, our true Aryannature is part of the old system, and must be rejected. And they must berejected despite all their leaders' fine-sounding words and speeches about"tactics" and the need to be "realistic" and "accept our people as they are",with their Zionist-made and untruthful beliefs about National-Socialism andabout National-Socialist Germany.

    Well, we National- Socialists are not interested in our people "as they are".We are interested in what they can become if they live, act and think like


    To succeed, we need to be open and honest with our people and our potential

  • 8/16/2019 Selected National Socialist Essays by David Myatt


    supporters. We must be openly National-Socialist, since we desire to createand live in a pan-Aryan National-Socialist society, not in a "nationalist" one,and since we sincerely believe that only National-Socialism can save our raceand build the Aryan society we need and must have for future Aryangreatness to be achieved. We must proudly and honestly and defiantly tellothers about our Zionist enemy, and about the manipulation, control and

    brainwashing which this enemy has used and does us to mentally conditionand control Aryans. We must proudly and honestly and defiantly tell otherswhat it means to be Aryan as we ourselves must live, act and think like


    It is up to we who are National-Socialists to do these things, for if we do notdo them, then no one else will, for only we, as National-Socialists, understandwhat it means to be Aryan. We understand this because quite simply that iswhat National-Socialism itself is - an understanding of our Aryan nature, our

     Aryan heritage and our unique Aryan Destiny to create a new and higherrace of beings who will be the masters of this world of ours and the builders

    of a Galactic Empire.

    To be Aryan, we must be proud, tough, defiant, aggressive, and intolerant of other cultures, as we must actively fight our enemies, if necessary in aruthless way. In brief, we must be, and appear to be, fierce and war-like bynature, and scorn any and all attempts to be or appear to be "respectable"and tame.

    The tame, "respectable" Aryan citizens of our modern anti-Aryan societiesmust see us, and either be appalled, and probably tremble with fear - or feeltheir own warrior blood, their own warrior nature, stirring within them.Those who are fearful are unimportant because lost to their race, while thosewho feel the stirring of their own Aryan warrior blood are or could be ourfuture comrades-in-arms.

    Originally published in Issue 15 of The National-Socialist, 107 yf 

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