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  • Please Pay AttentionsResearch studies show that under-inflated tires are a major issue today.In the USA27% of passenger cars and 32% of light trucks have at least one tire under pressured by more than 25%. This results in 1.24 billion gallons of wasted fuel per year (costing 3.7 billion USD).In the EU38% of cars in the EU drive on under-inflated tires. This results in 5.3 billon liters of wasted fuel worth of 7 billion EUR, and an extra 12.3 million tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

    So, we can say that we require a system is easy and inexpensive to produce would bring enormous savings in fuel, pollution, and human lives when implemented on a large scale.*

  • Some Other StatisticsA statistics show that tires which are under inflated by as little as 2 psi reduce fuel efficiency by 10 percent. Over a year of driving, that can amount to several hundred dollars in extra fuel purchases.

    One of reason for Road Accident is less or Insufficient Tire Pressure.Near about 10,000 injuries could be prevented per year if all vehicles were equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems.GM offered these in CUCV(Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle) Blazers and pickups used by U.S. military.


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  • Different Tire Conditions And Effect On Different Tire Pressure*


  • SELF-INFLATING SYSTEMSDetect when the air pressure in a particular tire has dropped

    Notify the driver of the problem

    Inflate that tire back to the proper level

    Tire-inflation systems have three general goals: *

  • PARTS OF SELF-INFLATING SYSTEMTire deflation valves

    Tire inflator hoses

    To operate tire deflation valve this is screwed onto the existing tire valve. It inflates the tire to a required pressure.


  • CTIS: INSIDEWheel ValveECUPneumatic Control UnitControl PanelSpeed SensorPressure Switch


  • TIRE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM (TMS)Similar to CTIS It notifies the driver via warning light(visible in rear mirror).After every 10 min. or time period specified system check the tire pressure.


  • AIRGO SYSTEM1. When a tire loses pressure, due to a puncture or other seepage, a series of check valves automatically detects it. 2. The System then immediately draws air from the vehicles pneumatic system and directs it to each tire requiring air.3. The air pressure is delivered via the trailers hollow axle housing.4. The air then goes through the hub assembly and into the tires. It is completely isolated from the brake system*

  • Wheel-End Assembly*



  • Achievements

    SIT The Self Inflating Tirewon the prestigiousTire Technology of the Year award at theTire Technology Awards for Innovation and Excellence 2009 which were presented at the Tire Technology Expo In Hamburg, Germany*

  • Conclusion

    Increases safety, comfort and fuel efficiency

    Flexibility for drivers

    Future tires

    Better option to reduce road accidents


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