self-portraits a look into artists throughout history

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Self-Portraits A Look into Artists Throughout History

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Self-Portraits A Look into Artists Throughout History Slide 2 Self-Portraits Albrecht Durer Self-Portrait at Twenty Seven Oil on Wood Panel 20.5 x 16 Slide 3 Self-Portraits John Steuart Curry Self Portrait Drawing 25.5 x 19.5 Slide 4 Self-Portraits Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin Self Portrait in Spectacles Pastel on Canvas 16 x 13 Slide 5 Self-Portraits Leopold Boilly Grimacing Man (Self- Portrait) Conte Crayons on Paper Slide 6 Self-Portraits Paul Cezanne Self-Portrait in a Beret Oil on Canvas Slide 7 Self-Portraits Kathe Kollwitz Self-Portrait at the Table, Second Version Etching 15.5 cm X 13.8 cm Slide 8 Self-Portraits James Montgomery Flagg I Want You for U.S. Army Chromolithograph 39.5 x 29 Slide 9 Self-Portraits Pablo Picasso Self-Portrait Oil on Canvas Slide 10 Self-Portraits William Henry Johnson Self-Portrait Slide 11 Self-Portraits Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky Oil on Board 30 x 24 Slide 12 Self-Portraits Jacob Lawrence Self-Portrait Gouache on Paper 22 x 30 Slide 13 Self-Portraits Andy Warhol Last Self- Portrait Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 80 x 80 Slide 14 Self-Portraits Cindy Sherman Untitled A Photograph on Paper 41.4 cm x 28.3 cm Slide 15 Self-Portraits Chuck Close Self-Portrait