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  • 1.Self Promotion Methods in Modern Business through Online Social Media Amy Abbott August 22, 2009

2. Dont let yourself get lost in the crowd! 3. Whether its new ideas, writing, art, fitness, photography, finance,talent, music, cooking, politics, design, or anything else you are capable of - let the world know! This can be done easily and efficiently through forms of new online media.Set yourself apart from the rest. 4. Represent yourself and your business responsibly and professional through all forms of online social media.Promote yourself the right way. 5. BLOGall about it! 6. 7. Use Facebook to your advantage!Create contacts among networks with similar interests/endeavors.Make friends and build your network! 8. Use twitter to update your networks on current ideas, events, and business endeavors.Follow others on your network to keep up with current market news! 9. Join Flickrto visually promote yourself and your business.Show the public all the work youve been doing! 10. Bring it all togetherthrough FriendFeed! 11. Use viral marketing techniques to your advantage.Create Buzz. Get people talking. 12. Increase the chances of people finding your work online.Digg it! 13. Get tips from industry professionals, like David Meerman Scott: AWorld Wide Raveis when people around the world aretalking about you , your company, and your products. Whether youre located in San Francisco, Dubai, or Reykjavk, its when global communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. Its whenonline buzzdrives buyers to your virtual doorstep. And its when tons of fans visit your Web site and your blog because theygenuinely want to be there . -David Meerman Scott 14. Follow your targets. Research your market.Promote yourself and your business in the right places. 15. Enjoy the new promotion your career/business will receive from your social media networking. What are you waiting for?