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Self Reflective and Self Aware

Self Reflective and Self AwarePostmodern texts that draw your attention to the fact that they are constructions.


Todays Definition For Linda Hutcheon, the postmodern is much more an artistic style, recognisable by its self reflexivity and irony, especially in its relations to the practices and objects of the surrounding culture and the cultural past. Postmodern work often takes the form of parody, which has a highly divided and ambivalent relation to its objects of imitation - M Fortier


PracticesWays of doing thingsTraditional narratives in filmCharacter TypesCodes and ConventionsTechnical practices Props, costumes etc

A self reflective text will challenge these ways of doing things


Postmodern self-awarenessTexts are self-aware it mentions itself, questions itself, it says what it isThe boundary between audience and text is brokenPostmodern is METATEXTUAL

Surrounding CultureAcknowledging the social/culture background in which the text is producedOften making fun of that context

Can make serious comment on the issues in society

Talks about current issues


Cultural PastHuman history

Past texts

Can be critical of itself and its form


Draws attention to the constructed nature of the textDirect Address to camera

Seeing the means of construction (cameras, obtuse editing, jump cuts,)

Characters drawing attention to plot holes Scream excerpt from 52:31Referencing the media itself The Simpsons and Fox Network, Use of CNN


Create a powerpoint using clips or images the internet

Find another example for each point in the slide show that is in orange.

Then next to or underneath it, explain how it is self-reflective or self-aware in this wayYour task


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