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  • Hva med selfies?Jill Walker Rettberg Professor i digital kultur

  • Hvem kan skape selv-representasjoner?

    Hvilke ferdigheter og utstyr trenges?

  • Personal media are the opposite of mass media.

    Lders, Marika (2008) Conceptualizing Personal Media. New Media and Society 10 (6): 683-702.

  • Photo: Jeff Hitchcock (Arbron) (CC)

  • The photobooth - the first mass market selfie technology


  • Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips: Photo Op. 2005.

  • To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed. It means putting oneself into a certain relation to the world that feels like knowledgeand, therefore, like power.

    Susan Sontag: On Photography (1977)Image (c) Chris Felver

  • Germaine Krull: Self-Portrait with Cigarette and Camera (1925)

  • Look at the intimacy of the selfie; the outstretched arm embracing the viewer.


    Katie Warfield

  • Teknologi filtrerer alltid virkeligheten

  • Filteret kan vre teknologisk. Filteret kan vre kulturelt.

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