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  • Selling Theresa J. Nartea Marketing & Agribusiness Extension Specialist Virginia State University-Petersburg, VA Successfully
  • Our Learning Objectives
      • Define Superfoods Market
      • Identify Superfoods Consumer
      • Understand Current Trends
      • Recommend Sales Strategies
  • Define Superfoods Market
  • a food that is considered to be very good for your health and that may even help some medical conditions Superfood definition Macmillan Publishers Limited. (2011). Retrieved from
    • Media driving Superfoods popularity
    • 75% of US shoppers value & buy food for health maintenance
    • Halo Effect of Superfood Labels
    Business Insights Marketing Group .(2011). Future ingredient trends in food and drinks. Retrieved from; MediaPost Publications. (2007). Functional food sales Hit $25 billion In U.S. In 2006. Retrieved from:
  • U. S. functional foods sales reached $37.4 Billion in 2009. 6 out of 10 consumers bought functional foods in 2009. Sloane, A. E. (2010). The top 10 functional foods trends. Food Technology.
  • Superfoods Sales Skyrocket Top U.S. Sales representing 21,000 individual U.S. retail stores LaRoche, J. (2011). Super foods. Retrieved from USDA AMS. (2011). National fruit & vegetable retail report. Retrieved from Superfood Category Average Weekly Sales (Retail) Avocado $17.7M Blueberries $15.6M Broccoli $10.6M Pineapples $4.1M Almonds $3.3M Mangoes $3.2M Papaya $1.1M Pomegranate $966,000 Kale $462,000
  • Identify Superfoods Consumer
  • Who is the Superfoods Consumer?
  • What Drives Superfoods Purchasing? Biltekoff, C. (2011). Consumer response: the paradoxes of food and health. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 1190. 174-178. doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.2009.05268.x
  • Make Healthy Eating Easy! Photo Credit:
  • Urala, N., Schultz, H., & Spinks, J. (2011). Consumer perceptions of functional foods in the United States. J. of Food Products Marketing, 17, 407-419. doi:10.1080/10454446.2011.583181
  • Understand Current Trends
  • Photo Credit:
    • Each Year, Healthier Diets Could Prevent Up To $71B :
      • Medical Costs
      • Lost Productivity
      • Disability
      • Premature Deaths
    Frazao, E. (1999). Americas eating habits: Changes and consequences. Retrieved from
  • heart disease, cancer, stroke Frazao, E. (1999). Americas eating habits: Changes and consequences. Retrieved from
  • Processed Food Dependency Photo Credit: Balch, P. A. (2003). Prescription for dietary wellness. (Second ed.). New York, NY: Avery
  • Advertisers spent $7B on food marketing. Selling processed foods is a priority! Gallo, A. E. (1999). Food advertising in the US. Retrieved from Product Advertising % Prepared Convenience 23.5% Sugar Based Snacks 13.2% Cooking Products/Seasoning 10.3% Food Beverages 8.8% Soft Drinks 8.6% Dairy & Eggs 7.5% Meats & Fish 4.0% Produce 1.9% Bakery Goods 5.5% Processed Foods 64.4% Superfoods 18.9%
  • Photo Credit: Sloane, A. E. (2008, 2010). The top 10 functional foods trends. Food Technology.
  • Trend: Drinks Photo Credit:
  • Trend: Supplements Photo Credit:,
  • Trend: Pet
  • Nyholm, C. B. (2007).European countries ban marketing of "Superfoods. Retrieved from
  • Recommend Sales Strategies
  • Cosmetic Foods anti-aging Healthy Hair Dark Green Vegetables Beans Nuts Poultry Eggs Whole Grains Oysters Low Fat Dairy Carrots Glowing Skin Low Fat Dairy Berries Plums Walnuts Flax Seed Olive Oil Whole Grains Turkey Nuts Photo Credit:,
  • Food Medicine: Nutraceuticals Boosting Immunity Yogurt Oats Barley Garlic Fish Chicken Tea Beef Sweet Potatoes Mushrooms Healthy Blood Pressure Sweet Potatoes White Potatoes Beans Tomatoes Beet Greens Soybeans Lima Beans Winter Squash Spinach
  • Medical Related Diets Dairy-free Gluten-free Low Fat Low Sodium Soy Sugar Conscious Vegetarian Wheat-free
  • Sell Sloane, A. E. (2010). The top 10 functional foods trends. Food Technology. Retrieved from
  • Sell By Nutralite Health Insitute. (2010). Americas phytonutrient report: Heart health by color. Retrieved from
  • Photo Credit:,%20Purple%20Haze-Vegetable%20Seeds.jpg
  • Photo Credit:
  • Sell By
    • 58% consumers buy for new/improved recipes
    • 37% seek new flavor combinations
    • 30% desire improved taste & flavor
    • 18% want fresh taste & texture
    Photo Credit: Sloane, A. E. (2010). The top 10 functional foods trends. Food Technology. Retrieved from
  • Sell By Photo Credit:
  • Sell By
  • Sell By Photo Credit:
  • Sell with Photo Credits:, Eat Your Vitamins! Rich in Vitamin C! Keep Simple!
  • Sell with
    • Get Mapped at
    • Get on
    • List on Local
    • List on Virginia Grown
    • List on Virginia Tourism
    • Brochure (focus health)
    • Biz Cards
    • Call the Newspaper (Food/Living Columnist)
  • What We Learned
    • Superfoods (SF) Market Booming
    • Consumer SF Education Vital
    • Current Trends Promote SF Sales
    • Emphasize SF to Sell More
  • Ph