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SEO basics, Learn about SEO basics, keyword research, on page and off page factors.


  • 1.01/30/15 1 SEO Basics Author: Jagadish Thaker

2. 01/30/15 2 SEO Basics Click on below link to know who powers whom 3. 01/30/15 3 SEO Basic On Page CriteriaSEO Basic On Page Criteria Keyword Research The Important process of SEO is choosing the right keywords for your business. Take your time to understand the business and use tool such as , to do keyword research. Following things to be remembered while keyword research 1. Relevant or suitable to your business 2. Check the Competition of keywords 3. Check word count of keywords ( which will give you idea of popularity of keywords) 4. Dont choose broad level keywords (i.e. insurance instead of affordable auto insurance, cheap life insurance) 4. 01/30/15 4 SEO Basic On Page CriteriaSEO Basic On Page Criteria Content 1. Content is a king The experts says that content plays an important role for your search engine ranking. Use information, relevant and quality content which includes your primary and secondary keywords of your site. 1. The information on a website is its content. Generally the more useful and interesting content a website has the more successful it will be. This is because more people want to visit it again and again. 1. Try to place your primary keywords as close to the beginning of the body content part 1. Use synonyms and variations of keywords 1. Dont over stuff keywords in your content 5. 01/30/15 5 SEO Basic On Page CriteriaSEO Basic On Page Criteria Title Tag 1. Very Important to Google 2. Include Keywords (as close to the start as possible) 3. Avoid keyword Stuffing 4. Use | if necessary 5. Example Free | Online | Insurance Quotes 6. Use about 60 characters 7. Avoid stop words like for, in, where, when, this , that, at Example: NOT Free insurance quotes, & auto, home, life, health insurance quotes TRY Free Insurance Quotes | Auto | Home Insurance Quotes 6. 01/30/15 6 SEO Basic On Page CriteriaSEO Basic On Page Criteria Meta Description Tag 1. Used to Describe your business or web site 2. If not included, Google will attempt to fill from content or alt tags. 3. Use your keywords in this Tag 4. About 150-200 words 5. Use Snippets words while writing description. 6. Repeat primary and secondary keywords targeted for the particular page. Example Not: Try