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1. WebitMD Presents SEO Bloggers Should Avoid These Common Mistakes 2. Bloggers need website traffic, but there are some common mistakes Bloggers make that can hurt the overall success of their bolgs Avoid these mistakes to improve a bolg's SEO. 1.Writing for the wrong audience 2.Irrelevant Backlinks 3.Using a keyword many times 4.Not indexing a site properly 5.Not Updating blog regularly 3. Audience Writing for the audience is more important than writing for search engines. Part of what helps search engines decide whether content deserves a high ranking is how engaged its audience is with the site. Be sure to write for the intended audience first. 4. Backlinks Certain types of backlinks can be helpful. Links that are irrelevant or just not reputable can hurt a site's ranking. 5. Keywords Keywords are an important part of SEO. Keyword stuffing is penalized by major search engines. Be sure to research keywords carefully, and then use them wisely. High keyword density not only loses readers' attention, it also gets websites in trouble. 6. Indexing A site that's not properly indexed won't achieve maximum results. All the content on a site, including articles and images, need to be indexed correctly. 7. Updates It's important to add to a blog regularly. Experts advise adding a new blog post at least once a week to get the most traffic. Adding new blog posts on a regular basis helps keep readers. When readers can anticipate a new post coming out, they tend to become repeat visitors to a blog. 8. Contact Us WebitMD 11040 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 210 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Tel: (310) 405-0502 Toll Free: (800) 601-2409 Visit Our Website: 9. Thank You 10. Thank You