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Serials Collections Analysis for Libraries and Consortia. Presentation to ICOLC Jim McGinty CEO. Presentation Will Cover. Background on Cambridge Information Group Serials issues What we are trying to do A quick look at Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System Consortia involvement and economics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Serials Collections Analysis for Libraries and ConsortiaPresentation to ICOLCJim McGintyCEO

  • Presentation Will CoverBackground on Cambridge Information GroupSerials issuesWhat we are trying to doA quick look at Ulrichs Serials Analysis SystemConsortia involvement and economicsQ & A

  • Cambridge Information GroupCambridge Information GroupISBN AgencyRefworksRR BowkerCSAPubnet and PubEasyUlrichsBooks In Print

  • Critical Serials IssuesIncreasing costs and decreasing budgetsIncreasing demand from faculty and staff for electronic article accessCommunicating serials availability /accessibility to faculty, students, departments, and ad hoc requestsUnderstanding whats being offered by whom, relative to existing holdingsAnalyzing holdings to rationalize selection/deselectionAttaining a consortia system-wide view of serials holdings

  • Academic Journal Focus48,000+ active academic and scholarly 22,000 peer reviewed journals18,000+ e-journals6,700 with an impact factor4,200 with full-text reviews

  • What Are We Trying To Do?Provide institutions with a comprehensive, high quality reference database; combined withA web-based analytical service which will enable:A new view of holdingsEnhanced analysis capabilityBetter communications ability

  • Ulrichs Serials Analysis SystemInstitutional InputSerials Reconciliation ReportUlrichs Serials Analysis SystemSerials Maintenance ModuleSerials Analysis ModuleReference Database ulrichsweb.comISSNs

  • Ulrichs Serials Analysis SystemEvaluate holdings against the Ulrichs Core or Universe and filter by:

    Ulrichs subject headingsPeer reviewedISI Impact Factor (mutual subscribers)Katzs Magazines for LibrariesElectronic availabilityCountry of publicationLanguage of publication

  • The first step will be to load your collections into the system.Compare your collections to the Ulrichs universe or to a core collection.

  • Identify coverage by subject Identify gaps in your collection by subject area

  • Here you see a list of serials your library does not hold in the subject of Biochemistry.

    By clicking on column headings you can re-sort the list.

    We have sorted by Electronic Journal.

    View Journals Not Held by the Library

  • View Rich Bibliographic Information in Ulrichsweb.comWe can link straight to a titles review in

    From here we can further evaluate this title by viewing title-level details formats available publisher information and contacts link to tables of contents and full text your JCR Web, Science Direct, SFX, and Serials Solutions resources.

  • Identify and Correct ErrorsAnother key feature of the Ulrichs Serials Analysis System is the ability for your library to correct errors in your holdings file. At the bottom of your librarys report you may see a Note like this one, which will bring you to a separate report on titles with problem ISSNs.

  • Evaluate the Offerings of Serials Publishers

    The same information is available to evaluate the offerings of serials publishers.

    Select a publisher from the Top Publishers menu.

    Select List Matches to view only those subjects included in the publishers offerings.

  • Consortia System View of Coverage

  • View Individual Member Coverage

  • Consortia System Coverage by Journal

  • Detailed View of the Members that Subscribe to the Selected Journal

  • EconomicsThe annual subscription includes:Analytical ReportsUnlimited user, site wide access to (including remote patron access)ISSN Reconciliation and Maintenance Module


    Ulrich's Serials Analysis System Price List for 2003

    Ulrich's Serials Analysis System includes the following components:

    * Analytical Reporting Module

    * (unlimited user, site wide access including remote patron access)

    * ISSN reconciliation and maintenance module

    The pricing model is based upon the total number of subscriptions that the Library has to print and electronic journals.

    Academic Library Pricing Based Upon Number of Serials Subscriptions:Annual Subscription Price

    Small (

  • Consortia Discount Structure

    Participation LevelDiscountUnder 25%10%26-49%15%50-75%20%Greater than 75%30%

  • SummaryBenefits:Make confident selection and de-selection decisions credible frame of referenceAnalyze consortia holdings to identify gaps and use the information for ILLCreate instant, comprehensive reports that can be shared throughout the systemAvoid major systems development expensesSave time, effort, and $

  • Next StepsPresent Ulrichs Serials Analysis System to your membersGroup or committee presentationsContact Boe Horton to schedule event:Boe HortonVice President Bowker Worldwide SalesEmail: Tel: 908-219-0055