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Soa foundationWith soa schoolSubmitted By : Mohamed Zakarya


AgendaService Oriented ComputingService Oriented Computing elementsService oriented computing Elements relations

Service oriented computing (SOC)Include : its own design paradigm design principlesdesign pattern catalogspattern languages a distinct architectural model, and related concepts, technologies, and frameworks.

Its builds upon past distributed computing platforms and adds :new design layers,governance considerations,set of implementation technologies.

big umbrella in the world of services

New generation of distributed computing platform

Service oriented computing Elements ServiceOrientedArchitecture


1ServiceOrientationSolution Logic





Soc Elements [service orientation] Design paradigm governing approach to designing solution logic Comprised of service-orientation design principlesService-orientation has many roots in object-orientation Influenced also by other industry developments, including EAI, BPM, and Web services.




Soc Elements [Solution logic] The application of design principles defined in service orientation results in service orientation solution logicService-oriented solution logic is implemented as services and service compositionsThe most fundamental unit of service-oriented solution logic is the supports the realization of the strategic goals and benefits associated with SOA and service-oriented computing.

There has been a common misunderstand that the use of Web services technology within an application shape a service-oriented solution


ServiceOrientationSolution Logic


Soc Elements [Service oriented architecture ] form of technology architecture designed in support ofservice-oriented solution logic with distinct characteristics in support of realizing service-orientation and the strategic goals associated with service-oriented computing.SOA Implementation can consist of a combination of technologies, products, APIs, supporting infrastructure extensions, and various other parts

Service OrientedArchitecture


technology architecture optimized in support of

services,service compositions, service inventories.

Soc Elements [Service oriented architecture ] How SOA relates to other terms :

There is a set of strategic goals associated with service-oriented computing.These goals represent a specific target state.Service-orientation is the paradigm provides a proven method for achieving this target state.When Appling service-orientation to the design of software, we build units of logic called services.Service-oriented solutions are comprised of one or more services.To build successful service-oriented solutions, we need a distributed technology architecture with specific characteristicsThese characteristics distinguish the technology architecture as being service-oriented. This is SOA.Service OrientedArchitecture


Soc Elements [Service]

Aserviceis a unit of solution logic to which service-orientation has been applied to a meaningful extent.

physically independent software programs with distinct design characteristics that support the attainment of the strategic goals associated with service oriented computing

Each service is assigned its own distinct functional context and is comprised of a set of capabilities related to this contextService


Soc Elements [Service Composition]

an aggregate of services collectively composed to automate a particular task or business process

To qualify as a composition, at least two participating services plus one composition initiator need to be present.ServiceComposition


Business Process

Ability for a service to be naturally and repeatedly composed is fundamental to attaining several of key strategic goals of service-oriented computing.

Much of the service-orientation design paradigm revolves around preparing services for effective participation in numerous complex compositions

Soc Elements [Service Inventory ]

collection of complementary services within a boundary that represents an enterprise or a meaningful segment of an enterprise

Service inventories are typically created through top-down delivery processes that result in the definition of service inventory blueprints.

service inventory blueprints is a Collection of Candidate services in analysis phase that need to analyzed and refined as necessary before committing to the actual creation of a physical service inventoryServiceInventory


Service oriented computing Elements relations

service-oriented computing platform revolves aroundservice-orientation design paradigm and its relationship with service-oriented architecture

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