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Set 5 HONORS Even More Words From Myth!

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Set 5 HONORS. Even More Words From Myth !. saturnine. adj of a gloomy or surly disposition A baseball was thrown onto my neighbor’s lawn, and a saturnine old man yelled at me to get off his property when I went to retrieve it. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Set 5 HONORSEven More Words From Myth!

saturnineadj of a gloomy or surly dispositionA baseball was thrown onto my neighbors lawn, and a saturnine old man yelled at me to get off his property when I went to retrieve it.Saturnine comes from Saturn, in Medieval times believed to be the most remote planet from the Sun and thus coldest and slowest in its revolution.


A staff with two snakes twined around it and two wings at its topThe medical profession uses the caduceus as its emblem.

Hermes/Mercury carried a caduceus as messenger of the gods.

mercurialAdjcharacterized by rapid and unpredictable changeableness of mood My sister has a mercurial personality; her moods are constantly fluctuating.

from Mercury, Roman god of merchandise, trade, and theft

lethargy nlethargic adjn - Abnormal drowsinessadj - sluggish, dull

My ancient bulldog exhibits lethargy due to her age and arthritis. I have to cajole her to get up and moving.

[fr. Gk lethargia, fr. lethargos forgetful, fr. lethe]Lethe - a river in Hades whose water caused forgetfulness of the past in those who drank of it

Draconian adj.Cruel, harsh, severe

The dictators Draconian rules forced people to flee the country to escape from his cruelty.

Draco is the Latin word for dragon, but it is also Greek for lawgiver. Draco was an Athenian lawgiver whose harsh legal code punished both trivial and serious crimes in Athens with death.