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SEO 101How to Get Big ResultsFrom Small Changes

Prepared by Casey MerazFollow me on Twitter @CaseyMeraz1SEO can be HARD

2Its hard to beat your competition.3You Need To Have The Mindset

How Can I Be The Least Imperfect?4We need to make Google & your visitors HAPPY!

6We dont have time to cover all 200 todayInstead we will look at small changes we can make that will have a big impact

7Lets eat away at 7 factors

#1: Image Optimization

Are your image file names descriptive?

10Do They Have ALT Tags?

11#1: Image OptimizationImages should use descriptive file names separated by hyphens.

All images should have descriptive alt tags.(E.g. #2: Optimized URL Structure

BAD URL Structures Use:UnderscoresAre very longAre not descriptiveHave extra unneeded characters such as product124553333.html

Good URL StructuresShould use hyphens to separateShould be descriptiveShould be as short as possibleShould not have over 5 hyphens if possible

#3: One Topic Per Page

DontConfuseGoogleAnother bad exampleLawyerAttorneyEsquireMain WebsiteTopic 1Topic 2Topic 3GuidelinesEach page should be dedicated to one keyword or topic.

This should be unique content of at least 400 words.

Having additional topics on one page can cause keyword cannibalization.

#4: Optimized Title Tags

Using the Yoast Plugin

#4: Optimized Title Tags

Optimal FormatPrimary Keyword Secondary Keyword | Brand Name


Example Title

More InfoGoogle Typically only displays the first 50-60 characters, so keep them short!

They should not be keyword stuffed like:

Denver Attorney Lawyer Law Firm Colorado#5: Review SnippetsYou can get these on organic results

What if I told you these increased click through rate?

All you have to do is add some HTML to your websiteGet the code you need to add to your website here:

**Note this will not work on your home pageAll you have to do is add some HTML to your websiteGet the code you need to add to your website here:

**Note this will not work on your home page#6: Click to CallIf you have a mobile website

Click to Call Does Not Help Google RankingsBut Who Cares!?

Your conversion rate will rise and you will get more phone calls and conversions. How to Add Click To CallEnter this code around your phone number

Click to Call#7: Breadcrumb Links

This is not what I meanI mean these navigation links

Breadcrumbs dont just help SEO.They provide a great user experienceThey pass link juice They establish the proper content hierarchy

Some Final ThoughtsImage optimization is keyOptimized URL StructureOne piece of content tailored per pageHeading tags help show the search engines what the page is aboutBreadcrumbs can pass link juice and provide a great user experience. You should implement all of these itemsClick to call can increase calls and undo bounces