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Finding the talent you need to manage growth in your organisation can be a challenge. Here are 7 ideas to get more out of the people you already have.


  • 1. Image courtesy of saryunphoto/123RF.COM Cant find the people you need to grow your business? ! Seven suggestions you can start implementing today.
  • 2. Ask yourself this: ! Does everyone in your business contribute all they can? ! Do they actively want it to win? ! Are they getting everything they need - and want - out of working for you? ! Is there an engaged buzz about the place?
  • 3. If the answer is no, its time to change. ! If you dont, you wont grow ! and anyone new will just go native and join the Bored Army, thinking nothing will change. Image courtesy of Ambro/
  • 4. So heres how to start changing
  • 5. 1. Inform, educate, explain ! People need to know they make a difference - that theyre building a cathedral, not just cutting stone. So explain to each one of them how important their job is - and they are. ! Weve seen instant effects from this: ! Productivity up Better motivation Even improved equipment reliability ! As one person put it: Now I know what difference I make! Image courtesy of
  • 6. 2. Help people grow ! Give people opportunities to grow. Bend the rules if you need to. ! One company hired a security guard to be a forklift truck driver, then promoted him to management accountant within two years. ! The benefits? ! A vacancy filled quickly An extremely motivated new management accountant Image courtesy of
  • 7. 3. Involve people ! ! If youve got something to do which needs more than your own brainpower, ask people so they own a piece of the change. ! In one company we know, shop floor workers, encouraged by the MD, got together and found and fixed a quality problem which was generating warranty claims all over the world. Image courtesy of
  • 8. 4. What drives your people? ! Find out what motivates them, then create the conditions to let them thrive. ! One factory manager learned that one employee got a real buzz from improving things, so set him a series of increasingly tough challenges. ! Result? Money saved Production increased A very motivated employee Image courtesy of
  • 9. 5. Better meetings ! Meetings at all levels should have the right: ! Agenda Preparation Frequency Participants Outputs Duration ! Want proof? Just ask people how much they like being in meetings they attend or missing ones theyre not invited to. The answers are usually very revealing Image courtesy of vasabii/
  • 10. 6. Variety ! Give people variety: ! Give them projects, individually or in teams ! Cross train and move them around to experience different types of work ! Let them take the lead in customer or VIP visits ! An NHS Community Services provider did this and found that patient satisfaction soared, and staff were more engaged and really appreciated the investment made in them. Image courtesy of, Getty Images
  • 11. 7. Personalise ! Flex your style, and get your managers to flex theirs. ! As Kenneth Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager, said: ! Different strokes for different folks, and different strokes for the same folks under different circumstances. ! One manager did this and instantly improved her relationship with some of her team, learning that the way shed managed was right for some, but not others. Image courtesy of,
  • 12. Weve barely touched on this huge subject - theres so much more to it. ! These are just a few of the things we have seen produce great results. ! Whats worked well for you? Tell us: !