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SEVEN WAYS TO MANAGE TALENTS WELLEverything you need to know in 3 minutes


Preselect candidates.Choose your finalist wisely.Integrate a new employee.Create a development plan.Coach your employees more effectively.Detect leadership potential.Assess development potential.


1. Preselect candidates (longlist). SCREEN FOR THE BEST.

For each job family, objectively measure whether your candidate demonstrates the competencies expected for the reference group.

Avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the process. 3


2. Choose your finalist wisely (shortlist)MEASURE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES.

Detailed knowledge of your finalists helps you make an informed decision based on an objective, standardized measurement and accurate data.

Reduce uncertainty. 4


3. Integrate a new employee.CUSTOMIZE

Each employee integrates differently into a new job, new team and new organization. Made-to-measure integration advice gives you the steps to follow to customize the first 90 days.

Ensure the success of the most critical step after hiring.



4. Create a development plan.SWING INTO ACTION.

Talent development is best when employees know themselves better and receive feedback on their talents and areas for development.

Faster and more stimulating development stimulates strengths rather than seeking to offset weaknesses. 6


5. Coach your employees more effectively.CUSTOMIZED ADVICE

In management, we quickly learn that every employee is different. Knowledge of an employees talents, potential, ability for development and learning styles is the key to success in all coaching, mentoring and development.

Activate the right development levers by knowing the dynamics of your employees.



6. Detect leadership potential.WHO WILL YOUR NEXT LEADERS BE?

Recruiting and retaining talent also involves preparing tomorrows talent. Knowing how to take responsibility for a team and manage employees are learned skills.

Identifying management potential speeds up the development path of your high-potential employees and helps you prepare the succession. 8


7. Assess development potential.INVEST IN THOSE WHO WANT TO DEVELOP.

Two employees of equal potential will not always want to develop at the same pace or in the same way.

Determine the return on investment of your training and development efforts.


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