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Seven Ways to Prepare Yerba Mate


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  • 2. Yerba Mate is common in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. It contains less caffeine than coffee and is often compared to green tea. The South American beverage contains antioxidants and is gaining renown in North America as a healthy alternative to coffee. The beverage is traditionally sipped through a metal bombilla from a gourd but you have many options when it comes to drinking yerba mate.
  • 3. The most common way to drink yerba mate. Mate is placed in the gourd which is filled with water. Tea becomes infused and is sipped through the metal bombilla which acts as both the straw and strainer. The gourd can be refilled ten or more times before the mate loses its flavor and potency (is said to be lavado).
  • 4. Warm water is usually poured from a thermos which keeps the water hot (about 180 degrees F). Our preference is to use the gourd and bombilla but this is not always convenient. Especially if you are driving or are at your desk at work.
  • 5. Yerba Mate in tea bags are commonly available online or in some grocery stores. Simply add a tea bag to a cup of hot water. Control the strength of the tea by adjusting the time it is steeped.
  • 6. Believe it or not you can make a decent cup of yerba mate using a regular coffee machine. Simply add a few tablespoons of loose leaf yerba mate into the filter, add water and let it brew.
  • 7. Ifyou enjoy a strong tasting and potent yerba mate this is a good method of preparing the tea because you can add a much as you like and can even run the water through the tea twice.
  • 8. If you can brew mate in a coffee machine then why not a French press? Place tea at the bottom of the press, fill with hot water and allow to steep.
  • 9. When the tea is steeped to your preference, push down on the press slowly to concentrate the herb to the bottom of the glass. Then pour the tea into your favorite cup or mug. Adjust the amount of yerba mate and steeping time to adjust the strength of the tea.
  • 10. Just as you would prepare any loose leaf tea you can use a tea infuser. Fill the infuser about half way full of yerba mate and add to a cup of hot water. Good for a light cup of tea.
  • 11. Ifyou live in a warm or sunny area you can make tea on your front porch. Add yerba mate in tea bags or loose leaf yerba mate in an infuser to a large jug of water. Cover the jug so that no leaves or dust will get into the tea. Place in a sunny spot for most of the afternoon. The rays from the sun will steep your tea but the mate will not be hot so you may want to enjoy
  • 12. On a warm day you may not be in the mood to sip a hot beverage. Enjoy an iced yerba mate by brewing up some tea in one of the methods above and place the tea in a refrigerator to cool. Once the liquid is cool, enjoy in a tall glass over ice. You can also enjoy cold yerba mate by simply adding cold water or lemonade to your gourd.
  • 13. To find out more about yerba mate and browse our selection of Latin American foods, visit Our selection of yerba mate can be foundon our web site. Recipes and ideas are added regularly to our blog.