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SMART Enhanced Dewatering

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Enhanced Dewatering

SMART Enhanced Dewatering

This is one of Kemiras First SMART Applications. It is based on 2 KPIs: total Dry Solids and centrate/filtrate TSS of treated waste. This shows the true value of the Kemira Treatment relative to overall OPEX Savings. Our Auto-Optimized Dosing System allows customer to maintain a consistent high levels of treated solids. 1

Kemira Enhanced Dewatering Concept

Aims :- To optimize process- Increase cake value- Capture P into cake- Increase cake solids content- Reduce struvite fouling- Reduce overall costs

- Future option as fee for service :- (/TDS /P removal)

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20162


Enhanced Dewatering + SMART are in the heart of M&I Innovation Focus ArenasInnovation driven focus arenas for growth Advanced Water Treatment11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20163Utilization of waste water for reuseFrom volume reduction to valueFrom removal to recoveryFrom saving to energy positiveEfficiency through on-line monitoring and controlWater availabilitySludgeNutrientEnergy Smart technology

Key areas related to Enhanced Dewatering highlighted


Kemira support for Total Cost Reductionand meet regulation with combination of enhanced dewatering and SMART technology

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20165Impact the highest cake solids (2-3 % minimum increase)

Phosphorous removal at dewatering stage(> + 30% removal)

Chemical performance optimization

Better [TSS ] & [Phosphate]


Confirmed customer benefits with enhanced dewatering program

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20166


Our Enhanced dewatering solution

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20167


SMART will support the process optimization

Cationic demandoptimizerStorage & Feed

Metering Pump

in line mixer

#2 TDS% Meter#3 TSS% Meter

Influent 0-5% SolidsHighest Cake SolidsFiltrate/Centrate

#1 TS% Meter

PLC to process all data in a multi-variable algorithm to compute optimized process rates.

Polymer Storage & Feed system

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20168Torque Control


Connecting the dots

Kemira chemistry combined with process redesign and digitisation

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 20169On line measurements capability

SMART OverviewLapilahti Finland reference

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201610On line measurements capabilityOn line measurement capability

Inlet:Polymer in-line mixer

Inlet:Sludge TS%

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201611On line measurements capability

On line measurement capabilityOutlet:Dry Cake DS%

Outlet:Reject water Turbidity/ TSS

The higher the cake DS%, the lower the OPEX.Kemiras new system is designed to maximise and maintain consistently higher cake solids

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201612Dynamic and real time cake DSC %

DS +6.0 %

DS +4.0%

DS +2.0%

DSC%For a WWTP processing 15K Wet Tons / Year = >90K in cost savings!This customer now hauls away 3 trucks per week of biosolids versus 4.Potential performance

The important thing here is that if a customer today is running inconsistently at low DSC%. With Kemiras SMART system, the customer could be running at higher DSC% consistently over a year run. We have the process knowledge and equipment to do this. We will offer turn-key packages. 12

Providing Innovation : SMARTApplication

Real-time KPI based dewatering process optimization through Kemira KemConnect

11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201614

Signals from site PLCWireless modem

Process improvement

3G/4G networkInternetKEMIRA KemConnectServer databaseDiagnostics & Control configurationMobile accessAlarms (SMS + @)

Kemira KemConnect PortalKemira MCAequipmentKemira SMART Application


11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 2016Interface Kemira KemConnect15


KEMCONNECT11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201616KemConnect allows additional on-line controlled processes plug and play

Worry free automatic stocking.Order tracking.Usage tracking.On-line ordering.Alerts & Alarms.

ChemicalsMonitoringReal-Time levels: TSS, TS, P, BOD, COD, NH4, H2S, torque, etc.Tank Level Monitoring.Real-Time: Energy consumption.

Process simulationProcess optimizationTrouble shootingBenchmarking KPI dataHistorical data /

On line automatic ordering.Order tracking

Supply chain


What SMART offers

1Measuring and optimizing real-time Cake Dry Solids, all the time.KPI consistently reported to Severn Trent Water via KemConnect2311/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201617

4Feed forward or feed back control of chemicals dosing based on the real-time measurement of TS or TSS.Supply chain optimization.

Process improvementsKemira support for meeting compliance and driving costs down(>4%)Supply of chemistry, engineering and application support for process optimisationKPIs include cake DSC% ; polymer dosage; centrate quality; P levels.; overall costsRemote Control and monitoring performance benchmarkingP measurement (incoming and final effluent)Kemconnect telemetryDosage optimisationStock management Option for turn-key schemeOption for fee per TDS processed; m3 water treated and P load removalCapped chemical costs.

Sludge Dewatering and Phosphorous removal control & monitoring

19 November 2016CLASSIFICATION Presentation name, Author18

Next possible steps 11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201619

Thank you for your attention !We look forward to your feedback.11/19/2016Enhanced dewatering | Web meeting |Severn Trent Water| 201620


For the lowest turbidity and the highest solids content: SOLITAX sc


Wide field of application The high-precision process probes ofthe SOLITAX sc family determine turbi-dity in ultraclear to strongly turbidliquids, and solids concentrations inactivated, primary and digested slud-ges. The potential applications forSOLITAX sc therefore range from drin-king and wastewater treatment to themonitoring of surface water and thetreatment of sludge.

Colour-independentmeasurement of solidsNo calibrationProven cleaning systemAs in-tank or in-pipeprobeCombinable with probesfor O2, NO3, pH, etc

Economically efficientTime-consuming multipoint calibra-tions with dilution series are replacedby a single correction factor. The widerange from 0.001 FNU to 150 g/lcovers the optimal solution for everyapplication. The measurement data isdisplayed and processed with the helpof the SC100 or SC1000 Controller. Inshort: Advantages that are long-lastingand economically efficient.

SOLITAX sc variants


Persuasive advantages: SOLITAX sc

Maximum variabilityTurbidity and solids measurement, pla-stic or stainless steel housing, with orwithout wiper system - SOLITAX scoffers the right probe for every field ofapplication. This variability is also reflected in thefixing systems for the immersion andin-pipe probes.

Maximum time savingAll SOLITAX sc probes are factory cali-brated in conformity with DIN EN ISO7027 for long-term calibration stability.A correction factor replaces the time-consuming multipoint on-site calibra-tions. The automatic wiper eliminatessoiling of the measurement window asit occurs. The result: more stable mea-sured values and lower maintenancecosts.

t-line sc ts-line sc inline sc hs-line sc highline scTURBIDITY MEASUREMENTDrinking water Wastewater

SOLIDS MEASUREMENTPrimary sludgeThickened sludgeActive sludge Return sludge Dewatered return sludge Digested sludge Centrate Lime sludge


Installing SOLITAX sc as insertion probe

625 mm




In-pipe installation with the help of safety fitting; recommended mounting angle 45 to 135.

Technical data


SOLITAX sc insertion probe

SOLITAX sc immersion probe

Installing SOLITAX sc as immersion probe

* For user-specific offset and gradient correction; ** PVC/ stainless steel

t-line sc ts-line inline sc hs-line sc highline scParameters Turbidity


SolidsMeasurement procedure 90 IR scatter light IR dual scatter light- Turbidity DIN EN ISO 7027 DIN EN ISO 7027- Solids - Equivalent to DIN 37414Measuring range - Turbidity* 0.001 - 4,000 FNU 0.001 - 4,000 FNU- Solids - 0.001 - 50 g/l 0.001 - 150 g/lAccuracy- Turbidity*