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    Shah Faisal Mosque

    "He was looking at the mosque. Shah Faisal Mosque was shaped like a giant tent."(p. 316)

    King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia both suggested (in 1966) and largelyfunded the Faisal Mosq.ue,which is named in his honor. Ever since its conception,the mosque has been regarded as the national mosque of Pakistan, and as such itsvmbouzes the hopes and aspirations of the new nation, The architect. was Vedat.Dalokay of Turkey, whose design was chosen in 1969 after an internationalcompetition. Constructed was completed in 1986. It is located in Islamabad.

    Blue Mosque in Mazar-I-Sharif

    '''Have you ever been to Mazar-I-Sharif?' ...'Father took me to the Blue Mosque.'" (p.317)

    Throughout Afghanistan, buildings with tall minarets, bulb-shaped domes, andcolorfully painted tiles dot the landscape. Many are mosques and tombs built to

    honor religious figures and important Afghan heroes. The Blue Mosque, in Mazar-e-Sharif, has tiles that look like they are painted with flowers, but the floral patterns

    are actually made from tiles cut into different shapes and plastered together.