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Shakespeares Words, New Words and Your WordsRomeo and Juliet

Part I: Shakespeares WordsRomeo and Juliet

Shakespeares WordsShakespeare invented more words than

most people even know. In fact, there are at least 1,500 different words and phrases that don't appear anywhere prior to the Bard of Avon putting them on paper. When he got stuck trying to think up a word, the man just made his own.

Shakespeares WordsIt's kind of like what rappers do today,

except the words Shakespeare made up were embedded into our culture.

Shakespeares WordsAlligator First used: Romeo and Juliet Act V, Scene I, Romeo Soliloquy "And in his needie shop a Tortoyrs hung,

An Allegater stuft, and other skins Of ill shap'd fishes, and about his shelues, A beggerly account of emptie boxes."

Shakespeares WordsEyeball First used: A Midsummer Night's Dream Act III, Scene ii, Oberon to Puck "Then crush this herb into Lysander's eye;

Whose liquor hath this virtuous property, To take from thence all error with his might, And make his eyeballs roll with wonted sight."

Shakespeares WordsPuking First Used: As You Like It Act II, Scene vii, Jaques to Duke Senior. "They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms."

Shakespeares WordsBreak the ice (The Taming of the

Shrew) Dead as a doornail (Henry VI) Elbow room (King John) Forever and a day (As You Like It) In a pickle (The Tempest) Knock knock! Who's there? (Macbeth) Wear my heart upon my sleeve (Othello)

Part II: New WordsRomeo and Juliet

New WordsAs a class, lets

brainstorm new words created since you were born, (or words used in a new way). Here are a couple of examples: Online Web site Click (as in click of a mouse)

New WordsThe Oxford English dictionary The most recent edition (printed in 1989)

contains more than 600,000 words on more than 21,000 pages in 20 volumes. It is updated monthly online.

New WordsWords added to Oxford English

Dictionary in 2008: Aerobicized: (adj.) toned by

aerobic exercise Bahookie: (n.) Scottish for a persons buttocks Mzee: (n.) In East Africa, an older person; an elder Obesogenic: (adj.) Plank: (n.) In Great Britain, a stupid person Riffage: (n.) informal guitar riffs,

Part III: Your WordsRomeo and Juliet

Your WordsDirections: Now its your turn. As

homework, create ten new words. Beside your words write what part of speech each word is (n., v., adj., etc.) and write a definition for each word. Remember, we will share these in class, so make all your words appropriate!